Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Composition.

2.40.020    Fire chief – Exempt from civil service.

2.40.030    Powers of fire chief.

2.40.040    Fire chief – Duties.

2.40.050    Volunteer firefighters – Organization – Practice fund.

2.40.060    Fire calls outside the city limits.

2.40.070    Volunteer Firemen Relief and Pension Act.

*    Statutory authority as to fire prevention, see RCW 35.24.290(5)(14).

2.40.010 Composition.

The authorized personnel of the fire department includes a fire chief, an assistant fire chief, and such paid full-time firefighters and volunteer firefighters as may from time to time be required and designated in writing, including the designation of rank or title. [Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]

2.40.020 Fire chief – Exempt from civil service.

Fire chiefs appointed after July 1, 1987, are exempt from the classified civil service pursuant to RCW 41.80.050. [Ord. 1082 § 2, 1990; Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]

2.40.030 Powers of fire chief.

The fire chief shall, within a reasonable period of time after his appointment, adopt such working regulations as may be necessary for the efficient handling of the fire apparatus and equipment of the Clarkston fire department. [Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]

2.40.040 Fire chief – Duties.

It shall be the responsibility of the fire chief to ensure that the fire apparatus equipment is kept in good condition and is ready. He shall have complete control and direction of all firefighters and emergency medical technicians while they are on duty. He shall have power at all times to dismiss any fire department employee, subject to the rules and regulations set out in Chapter 41.08 RCW and in the bylaws of the local civil service commission for failure to perform his duties and for violation of the rules and regulations of the fire department. The fire chief shall perform all other duties as directed by the city council or otherwise required by law. [Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]

2.40.050 Volunteer firefighters – Organization – Practice fund.

The Clarkston volunteer firefighters department is and shall be organized for the purpose of providing additional firefighting personnel to the city. It shall be self-organized and self-operating, electing its own officers and making its own bylaws as they become necessary. Members of the Clarkston volunteer fire department shall be responsible to the fire chief or his authorized representative when in attendance at a fire call, medical emergency, drill, meeting, or when they are otherwise officially on duty. The city shall provide the volunteer firefighters with the following annual budget items: (1) monthly compensation; (2) retirement benefits; (3) city life insurance; (4) practice fund.

The practice fund referenced in this section shall be provided to the volunteer firefighters for the purpose of covering day-to-day volunteer expenses. Moneys from the practice fund shall be spent as the independent volunteer firefighters organization deems appropriate. [Ord. 1192 § 1, 1994; Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]

2.40.060 Fire calls outside the city limits.

The Clarkston fire department shall not respond to any fire calls outside the city limits, except pursuant to such mutual aid agreements with any other public or private fire department or agencies to which the city shall be a party. [Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]

2.40.070 Volunteer Firemen Relief and Pension Act.

Any volunteer member of the Clarkston fire department is automatically enrolled under the provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW for the purpose of enabling any such firefighters to avail themselves of the benefits provided thereunder. [Ord. 945 § 4, 1983.]