Chapter 2.56


2.56.010    Created.

2.56.020    Subject to state and city provisions.

2.56.030    Personnel.

2.56.040    Arrest powers.

2.56.010 Created.

There is created within the city a police department. [Ord. 693 § 1, 1970.]

2.56.020 Subject to state and city provisions.

In addition to the provisions hereof, the police department shall be subject to all provisions of state laws relative to police in noncharter code cities, including particularly RCW 35.24.020 and 35.24.160, and Chapter 2.16 CMC relative to civil service for police. [Ord. 945 § 7, 1983; Ord. 693 § 2, 1970.]

2.56.030 Personnel.

The authorized personnel of the police department includes a chief of police and such patrolmen and full-time special officers as may from time to time be required and designated in writing, including the designation of rank or title. [Ord. 693 § 3, 1970.]

2.56.040 Arrest powers.

All members of the police department as above designated, or as may be hereafter designated, shall have police power and authority to make arrests. [Ord. 693 § 4, 1970.]