Chapter 3.116


3.116.010    Petty cash fund – Established.

3.116.020    Petty cash fund – Amount.

3.116.030    Petty cash fund – Disbursement officer.

3.116.040    Petty cash fund – Custodian.

3.116.050    Petty cash fund – Replenishment.

3.116.010 Petty cash fund – Established.

A new imprest cash fund to be known as the petty cash fund is established. The fund shall be used only for minor cash purchases and expenditures. The fund may not be used for personal cash advances even if secured by check or other I.O.U.’s. [Ord. 1158 § 1, 1993.]

3.116.020 Petty cash fund – Amount.

The petty cash fund shall contain the amount of $100.00. [Ord. 1158 § 1, 1993.]

3.116.030 Petty cash fund – Disbursement officer.

The city treasurer shall be designated as the disbursement officer for the petty cash fund and shall be responsible for its use. [Ord. 1158 § 1, 1993.]

3.116.040 Petty cash fund – Custodian.

The city treasurer is authorized to designate a custodian for the fund. Such custodian shall render a receipt for the imprest amount to the city treasurer and upon any termination of the appointment of such custodian the fund must be replenished and the imprest cash turned over to the city treasurer for designation of a new custodian. The custodian shall assure the petty cash is kept in a safe place. The city treasurer shall assure that the amount in petty cash is periodically counted by someone other than the custodian. [Ord. 1158 § 1, 1993.]

3.116.050 Petty cash fund – Replenishment.

The fund must be replenished to its original level of $100.00 at least monthly by warrant or check payable to the custodian. The replenishment shall be subject to the same review and approval as processed invoices. The replenishment must be by voucher with the appropriate receipts attached. The receipts should show the date, recipient, purpose, and amount of each cash disbursement. The receipts must be signed by the person receiving the cash. The receipts should be perforated or cancelled by some other appropriate means to prevent reuse. At the time of replenishment, the custodian should ensure that the balance remaining in the petty cash, together with the amount of the replenishment voucher, equals the authorized imprest cash amount. The fund shall be replenished at the end of the fiscal year so that the expenses will be reflected in the proper accounting period. [Ord. 1158 § 1, 1993.]