Chapter 3.120


3.120.010    Purpose.

3.120.020    Duties of the treasurer.

3.120.030    Payment of claims and other obligations.

3.120.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the general financial management of the city. [Ord. 1263 § 1.0, 1997.]

3.120.020 Duties of the treasurer.

The city treasurer shall implement this chapter as necessary or advisable and shall manage the financial affairs of the city. [Ord. 1263 § 1.0, 1997.]

3.120.030 Payment of claims and other obligations.

(1) All claims and other obligations of the city which are payable out of solvent funds shall be paid by check; provided, that when the applicable fund is not solvent at the time payment is ordered, a warrant shall be issued. The public depository upon which such checks shall be drawn shall be the banking institution then under contract with the city to provide primary banking services. The mayor and the city treasurer, and such other city officers or employees as specifically designated in writing by the mayor, shall be the only officers or employees of the city authorized to sign checks.

(2) Whenever in this title reference is made to warrants, such terms shall include checks where authorized by this section. [Ord. 1263 § 1.0, 1997.]