Chapter 3.13


3.13.010    Established – Contents.

3.13.020    Advertisement for inclusion – Questionnaire.

3.13.030    License and bond required.

3.13.040    Notice of awards – Solicitation of minorities.

3.13.050    Estimates – Proposal deadline.

3.13.060    Award to lowest bidder.

3.13.010 Established – Contents.

A small works roster is established in accordance with RCW 35.23.352. It shall be comprised of all contractors who have requested to be placed on the roster. The city clerk shall maintain the small works roster and it shall be open for public inspection during regular business hours. [Ord. 1160 § 1, 1993; Ord. 1041 § 1, 1988. Code 1966 § 3.100.010.]

3.13.020 Advertisement for inclusion – Questionnaire.

At least once every year, the city shall advertise in a newspaper of general circulation the existence of a small works roster for the city. The city shall add to the roster those contractors who respond to the advertisement and request to be included on the roster. In order to be included on the roster, the contractor shall supply information on a standard form questionnaire to be developed by the city staff and approved by council. [Ord. 1041 § 2, 1988. Code 1966 § 3.100.020.]

3.13.030 License and bond required.

No contractor shall be allowed to be placed on the small works roster unless he or she is licensed and bonded as required by applicable state law. [Ord. 1041 § 3, 1988. Code 1966 § 3.100.030.]

3.13.040 Notice of awards – Solicitation of minorities.

When a contract is to be awarded, the total value of which is $100,000 or less, then the council shall designate a city official to contact all contractors on the small works roster that have indicated they have qualifications in the areas needed under the proposed contract; provided, that whenever possible, the city official shall invite at least one proposal from a minority or woman contractor who shall otherwise be qualified to perform the work or improvement. [Ord. 1041 § 4, 1988. Code 1966 § 3.100.040.]

3.13.050 Estimates – Proposal deadline.

The city official shall give to each contractor an estimate of the scope and nature of the work to be performed, and materials and equipment to be furnished. He shall also advise the contractor of the date by which any proposal must be submitted to the city. [Ord. 1041 § 5, 1988. Code 1966 § 3.100.050.]

3.13.060 Award to lowest bidder.

The city shall award the contract to the lowest responsible proposal; provided, however, the city shall reserve the right to reject any or all proposals. [Ord. 1041 § 6, 1988. Code 1966 § 3.100.060.]