Chapter 3.19


3.19.010    Created.

3.19.020    Purpose.

3.19.030    Revenue sources.

3.19.040    Expenditures.

3.19.010 Created.

There is hereby added to the Clarkston Municipal Code a new Chapter 3.19 CMC, entitled “National Night Out fund.” The city treasurer is authorized to establish the new Fund No. 110 effective October 1, 2009. [Ord. 1458 § 1, 2009.]

3.19.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the National Night Out fund shall be to account for revenues and expenditures related to the annual National Night Out event. [Ord. 1458 § 1, 2009.]

3.19.030 Revenue sources.

The revenue source for this fund will be as budgeted by the city council in the annual budget. [Ord. 1458 § 1, 2009.]

3.19.040 Expenditures.

All expenditures from the National Night Out fund shall be determined at the time of the preparation of the annual city budget or as such budget may be subsequently amended. [Ord. 1458 § 1, 2009.]