Chapter 3.34


3.34.010    Vehicle replacement fund – Establishment ratified.

3.34.020    Vehicle replacement fund – Purpose.

3.34.010 Vehicle replacement fund – Establishment ratified.

The vehicle replacement fund formerly established by CMC 5.03.088 shall continue to exist and be known as Fund No. 106, vehicle replacement fund. [Ord. 1157 § 1, 1993.]

3.34.020 Vehicle replacement fund – Purpose.

The vehicle replacement fund shall be used to purchase either replacement or additional vehicles for any department of the city. Beginning January 1, 1993, sources of revenues to the fund and expenditures from the fund for such purpose will be determined at the time of the preparation of the annual city budget or as such budget may be subsequently amended. [Ord. 1157 § 1, 1993.]