Chapter 3.52


3.52.010    Established.

3.52.020    Initial moneys.

3.52.030    Purpose.

3.52.010 Established.

There is created and established within the city a special and separate fund to be known as the “urban arterial street fund.” [Ord. 694 § 1, 1970.]

3.52.020 Initial moneys.

There shall be transferred into the urban arterial street fund during the calendar year 1970, as funds become available, the street reserve fund of $3,318 and the sum of $12,362 from the four-mill local levy tax fund. [Ord. 694 § 2, 1970.]

3.52.030 Purpose.

The urban arterial street fund is created for the purpose of providing matching money to be received from the state of Washington for urban arterial street construction and no funds can or may be paid into this fund except moneys raised by local levies or taxation and excluding specifically any gasoline tax funds received from the state of Washington. [Ord. 694 § 3, 1970.]