Chapter 3.64


3.64.010    Created.

3.64.020    Payments into fund.

3.64.010 Created.

There is created within the city of Clarkston, Asotin County, Washington, a special fund to be known and designated as “riverside sewer relocation fund.” [Ord. 727 § 1, 1973.]

3.64.020 Payments into fund.

There shall be paid into this fund all moneys received from the United States of America through the Corps of Engineers to reimburse the city for all sums of money paid for engineering, relocation and construction of the municipal sanitary sewer line through Boulevard Addition to connection with the general municipal sanitary sewer system. The term “engineering and construction” includes acquisition of rights-of-way, administrative costs and other necessary expenditures incidental to said construction. [Ord. 727 § 2, 1973.]