Chapter 5.36


5.36.010    Records maintained.

5.36.020    Parents’ consent for minors recorded.

5.36.030    Open to inspection.

5.36.040    Failure to comply – Penalty.

5.36.010 Records maintained.

It shall be the duty of every pawnbroker and secondhand dealer doing business in the city to maintain at his place of business a book or permanent record containing the following information: The date of each transaction, a description of all property bought and sold or pledged, the price paid or amount loaned, the names, descriptions and places of residence of the persons to each transaction. [Ord. 348 § 1(a), 1934.]

5.36.020 Parents’ consent for minors recorded.

All pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers are forbidden to deal with minors without the written consent of their parents or guardians and the written consent shall be filed and kept for inspection and record thereof. [Ord. 348 § 1(b), 1934.]

5.36.030 Open to inspection.

Such records and all goods received shall at all times during the ordinary business hours be open to inspection to any city, county or state officer. [Ord. 348 § 1(c), 1934.]

5.36.040 Failure to comply – Penalty.

Every pawnbroker and secondhand dealer or any clerk or employee who shall fail to make an entry of any material matter in the book of records, or shall falsify or obliterate the same, or who shall deal with any minor without the written consent of his parents or who shall fail to comply with this chapter shall be guilty of misdemeanor and shall be fined in any sum from $1.00 to $100.00, and, in the event that said fine shall not be paid together with the cost of prosecution, shall serve time in the city jail after sentence from one to 30 days. [Ord. 348 § 1(d), 1934.]