Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Injury to park property.

10.52.020    Horses.

10.52.025    Dogs.

10.52.030    Explosives.

10.52.040    Certain vocations prohibited.

10.52.050    Loudspeakers and sound amplification.

10.52.060    Permit for assemblies required.

10.52.070    Circuses and carnivals.

10.52.080    Distribution of literature.

10.52.090    Vehicles.

10.52.100    Camping areas.

10.52.110    Building fires.

10.52.120    Littering.

10.52.130    Intoxicating liquors, liquor and drugs.

10.52.200    Park closures.

10.52.010 Injury to park property.

It is unlawful for any person to remove, destroy, mutilate, injure, cut, disturb, mark or write upon any structure or building, or part of any structure or building, or any fixture within or attached to a structure or building, or any monument, statue, base, foundation, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, lighting system or sprinkling system, or any other property lawfully located within any park, or to pick, cut or remove any tree, shrub, bush, plant or flower. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.020 Horses.

It is unlawful for any owner or any other person having control of a horse to allow or permit such horse to enter or remain upon any public park property. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.025 Dogs.

It is unlawful for any owner or any other person having control of the dogs to allow or permit such dog to enter or remain upon any public park property with the exception of service animals who accompany a person with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act as it is currently adopted or as it may be amended in the future. [Ord. 1483 § 1, 2011; Ord. 968 § 1, 1984.]

10.52.030 Explosives.

It is unlawful to possess, use or explode any fireworks, firecrackers or explosives of any kind in any park, except as part of a duly authorized public fireworks display. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.040 Certain vocations prohibited.

It is unlawful in any park to solicit or ask for any payments or gift of money or to sell, offer or solicit for sale any goods, services or merchandise without the written permission of the city or a concession contract issued by the city. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.050 Loudspeakers and sound amplification.

It is unlawful to operate or use any loudspeaker or mechanical means of amplifying sound in any park without the written permission of the city; provided, that before granting any such permission, the city shall establish rules and regulations pertaining to the use of such devices. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.060 Permit for assemblies required.

It is unlawful for any person to hold, sponsor or participate in any organized assembly without first giving notice of the assembly to the city. Such notice shall be given at least 72 hours prior to the date established for such assembly. The city is ordered to establish immediately such rules and regulations as shall permit the full peaceful utilization of the park by all the general public as shall reasonably be possible and consistent with the health, safety and general welfare. In this connection, and in addition to the conduct requirements of this chapter, such rules and regulations may require the deposit of cleanup undertakings, the furnishing of waste and sanitary conveniences and effective plans for traffic and crowd control and management. [Ord. 1143 § 1, 1992; Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.070 Circuses and carnivals.

It is unlawful to operate or conduct any circus, carnival or similar exhibition at or within any city park except as part of an organized recreational program of the parks and recreation department. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.080 Distribution of literature.

It is unlawful for any person to distribute literature of any kind in any park without first obtaining a written permit to do so from the city. The city shall establish rules and regulations for the issuance of such permit which may prohibit the distribution of literature of a purely commercial advertising nature and shall require the deposit with the city of a litter cleanup deposit in an amount to be determined by the city prior to the issuance of any such written permit. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.090 Vehicles.

It is unlawful to ride or drive any bicycle, motor vehicle, motorcycle or motor-driven cycle over or through any park except along and upon the public roads, streets or other designated areas within the park or to operate any vehicle at a speed in excess of the posted speed limit. The operator or driver of such motor vehicle, motorcycle, or motor-driven cycle shall be properly licensed if required by state law. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.100 Camping areas.

It is unlawful for any person or group of persons to camp out in any park.

This prohibition may be waived and variance granted by majority vote of the city council after consultation with the chief of police and the chief of the fire department and upon the determination that the benefit to the community outweighs any detriment to the park.

Application shall be made for a special event permit not less than 60 days prior to the event. [Ord. 1473 § 1, 2010; Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.110 Building fires.

It is unlawful for any person to kindle any fire in any park except in such areas as may be designated by the city for such purposes. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.120 Littering.

It is unlawful for any person to throw or deposit any refuse, litter, garbage, broken glass, crockery, shrubbery, yard trimmings, junk, advertising matter or other waste materials in any park, except in designated receptacles. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.130 Intoxicating liquors, liquor and drugs.

It is unlawful to bring into any park or consume by mouth, inhalation or injection or possess while in any park any wine, beer or alcoholic beverage, narcotic or dangerous drugs; provided, that this section shall not apply to prescription drugs taken pursuant to the medical direction of a licensed physician or dentist. [Ord. 949, 1983.]

10.52.200 Park closures.

Public parks within the city shall be closed from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. [Ord. 1213 § 1, 1995.]