Chapter 11.40


11.40.010    Definitions.

11.40.020    Go-carts – Prohibited where.

11.40.030    Scooters, soapbox carts, skateboards and roller skates – Prohibited – Exceptions.

11.40.040    Operation on sidewalks – Prohibited where.

11.40.050    Yielding to pedestrians.

11.40.060    Jumps and other obstacles – Prohibited where.

11.40.070    Violation – Penalty.

11.40.010 Definitions.

Whenever in this chapter the following terms are used, they shall have the meanings respectively set forth in this section:

(1) “Bicycle” means every device propelled solely by human power upon which a person or persons may ride, having two tandem wheels either of which is 16 inches or more in diameter, or three wheels, any one of which is more than 20 inches in diameter.

(2) “Go-cart” means a vehicle distinguished by its small wheels (usually four) capable of carrying one person, the operator, propelled by a gas engine, and used or operated on a smooth, hard surface, and designed for use as a sport or toy, rather than for useful transportation.

(3) “Scooters” and “soapbox cars” mean small-wheeled carts or wagons, upon or in which one or more children ride, having no mechanical driving power, and which is usually propelled by foot by the operator, or pushed by an assistant, or permitted to coast downhill by gravity pull.

(4) “Skateboard” means a short board composed of lumber, plastic or other substitute to which is attached a set of roller skate wheels or other similar wheels, which device is used primarily by children at play, and is usually propelled along a smooth, paved hard surface by the user who sometimes stands, sits, kneels or lies upon the device while it is in motion.

(5) “Roller skate,” as the definition is normally used in the English language, meaning small wheels, either affixed to a shoe or shoe-like devices or capable of being clamped or attached to shoes. [Ord. 1031 § 1, 1987.]

11.40.020 Go-carts – Prohibited where.

It is unlawful for a person to play with or propel go-carts over and along the public streets, alleys, sidewalks, parking lots, or other public places within the city. [Ord. 1031 § 2, 1987.]

11.40.030 Scooters, soapbox carts, skateboards and roller skates – Prohibited – Exceptions.

It is unlawful for any person to play with or propel any scooter, soapbox cart, skateboard or roller skates over and along the public streets, alleys, parking lots, or other public places in the city except where scooters, soapbox carts, skateboarding and roller skating is specifically permitted in such parking lots or other public places or specifically signed as allowing skateboarding. [Ord. 1031 § 3, 1987.]

11.40.040 Operation on sidewalks – Prohibited where.

It is unlawful for any person to play with or propel a scooter, soapbox cart, skateboard, roller skates or bicycle over and along and upon the sidewalks of the city in the following areas:

(1) Bridge Street from the center of the Interstate Bridge to 15th Street;

(2) Diagonal Street from its intersection with Bridge Street to its intersection with Chestnut Street;

(3) An area bounded on the north by the northerly street right-of-way at Fair Street, on the west by the westerly street right-of-way of Seventh Street, on the south by the southerly right-of-way line of Chestnut Street and on the east by the easterly right-of-way line of Fifth Street;

(4) Chestnut Street from Beachview to Seventh Street; and

(5) Second Street from Chestnut to Adams Street. [Ord. 1031 § 4, 1987.]

11.40.050 Yielding to pedestrians.

Where permitted, it is unlawful for any person propelling a scooter or soapbox cart, skateboard or bicycle to fail to yield to another pedestrian. Yielding shall require dismounting at least 25 feet before reaching the pedestrian and before remounting being 25 feet beyond the pedestrian. A person on roller skates shall yield to another pedestrian by slowing to the pace of a walk at least 25 feet prior to reaching the pedestrian and so remaining until past the pedestrian at least 25 feet. [Ord. 1031 § 5, 1987.]

11.40.060 Jumps and other obstacles – Prohibited where.

It is unlawful for any person to build, maintain or allow the construction or presence of any jump, obstacle or apparatus for use by scooters, soapbox carts, go-carts, skateboards, roller skates or bicycles upon any street, alley, sidewalk or city property, including street rights-of-way within the city of Clarkston. [Ord. 1031 § 6, 1987.]

11.40.070 Violation – Penalty.

Violation of this chapter is a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $75.00 for each occurrence. [Ord. 1031 § 7, 1987.]