Chapter 14.08


14.08.010    Permit for sewer lines.

14.08.020    Construction of sewer lines.

14.08.030    Certificate of fee payment.

14.08.040    Fees.

*    For statutory authority relating to sewage systems, see Chapters 35.67 through 35.91 RCW.

14.08.010 Permit for sewer lines.

The legal or beneficial owner of any real property within the limits of the city of Clarkston, which property has not heretofore been subjected to any assessment for the construction of lateral or trunk sewer lines, may procure a permit to connect to any municipally owned sewer adjacent to his or her property; provided such connections shall be made under the supervision of the city council or its authorized agent; and provided further, that such owner shall pay in advance the fees hereinafter provided for. [Ord. 470 § 1, 1951.]

14.08.020 Construction of sewer lines.

Any person or persons who construct a feeder line within the corporate limits of the city of Clarkston, connecting more than one dwelling house to any sewer feeder or trunk line, may make application to the city council; and, after hearing, inspection and examination of the facts, the council may reduce or waive such fees; provided, that such feeder so constructed meets the general specifications of the city of Clarkston and the State Health Department in such cases made and provided; and provided further, that such sewer feeder or trunk line shall become the property of the city of Clarkston, together with the right-of-way or easement upon which the same is situated. In all such cases, the city council, acting for and on behalf of the city of Clarkston, may make any such contract or arrangement for construction, specifications and fees as it may deem advisable, it being the intention of the city of Clarkston to encourage voluntary construction of feeder lines, which may be of general use and benefit to the area and may contribute to the cost of construction thereof, when the general benefit is deemed sufficient. [Ord. 470 § 2, 1951.]

14.08.030 Certificate of fee payment.

The city clerk shall issue permits for such construction under this chapter only with the approval of the city council, specifying on the permit the number of dwellings served, the description of the real property involved and the fee paid therefor. The city clerk shall also issue to said owner a certificate in substantially the following form:

State of Washington



County of Asotin


I, __________________, the duly elected, qualified and acting clerk of the city of Clarkston, Asotin County, State of Washington, do hereby certify that on the date hereof, ___________ paid to the city of Clarkston the sum of $___________ for permit for sewer connection, relative to the following described real estate:

(here insert description)

and that the same is further exempt from assessment for or on account of present sewer installations to which such connection has been made.

Dated ___________.






City Clerk

Said certificate shall be duly and regularly acknowledged so as to entitle the same to record and shall be evidence for the benefit of the owner and his successors in interest that said fee has been paid. [Ord. 470 § 5, 1951.]

14.08.040 Fees.

The fees required to be paid herein shall be determined as follows:

(1) The regular permit fee, as provided by ordinance of the city of Clarkston for sewer connection, shall be charged.

(2) In addition, the permit applicant must pay an amount of money equivalent to $2.80 per lineal foot of municipal lateral or trunk line adjoining his property. The minimum charge shall be for 50-lineal-foot frontage, fronting upon the municipal sewer line whether the same be in the alley or in the street. Tracts of less than 100 lineal feet may not be subdivided for the purpose of this chapter. Frontage greater than 100 feet may be subdivided in parcels of not less than 50 feet each, and the owner may pay for and secure release of a portion or portions thereof, not less than 50 feet each.

(3) For such fees as the council may determine for special feeder lines under CMC 14.08.020.

(4) All fees provided for herein must be paid in advance at the time of the issuance of the permit.

Provided further, that the fees provided for in this chapter are based upon the present costs of sewer installation and are subject to revision by ordinance. [Ord. 470 § 4, 1951.]