Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Generally.

16.12.020    City.

16.12.030    Contractor.

16.12.040    Curb cut.

16.12.050    Driveway.

16.12.060    Driveway approach.

16.12.070    Apron.

16.12.080    End slope.

16.12.090    Sidewalk section.

16.12.100    Permittee.

16.12.110    Property owner.

16.12.120    Sidewalk.

16.12.130    Standard specifications.

16.12.140    Director of public works.

16.12.010 Generally.

Except where specifically defined herein, all words used in this title shall carry their customary meanings. Words used in the present tense include the future, and the plural includes the singular; the word “shall” is always mandatory, the word “may” denotes a use of discretion in making a decision. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1, 1967.]

16.12.020 City.

“City” means the city of Clarkston and its appointed or elected officials. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1a, 1967.]

16.12.030 Contractor.

“Contractor” means any person, firm or corporation who or which, in the pursuit of an independent business, undertakes to, or offers to undertake, or submits a bid to construct, alter, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, move, wreck or demolish any alley, street, sidewalk, easement, or any other public rights-of-way; said term “contractor” shall include any public utility, natural gas company, or telephone company operating within the city by virtue of franchises or permits granted them by the city. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1b, 1967.]

16.12.040 Curb cut.

“Curb cut” means a depressed section of the curb at the street termination of the driveway approach. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1c, 1967.]

16.12.050 Driveway.

“Driveway” means an area on private property where automobiles and other vehicles are operated or allowed to stand. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1d, 1967.]

16.12.060 Driveway approach.

“Driveway approach” means an area of construction or improvement between the roadway of a public street to a definite area of the private property, such as a parking area, a driveway or a door. It shall be at least 15 feet wide, intended and used for the ingress and egress of vehicles. The component parts of the driveway approach are termed the apron, the end slopes or the curb return, and the sidewalk section. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1e, 1967.]

16.12.070 Apron.

The “apron” means that portion of the driveway approach extending from the gutter flow line to the sidewalk section and lying between the end slopes of the driveway approach. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1e, 1967.]

16.12.080 End slope.

“End slope” means that portion of the driveway approach which provides a transition from the normal curb and sidewalk elevation to the grade of the apron, either by means of a sloping surface or by means of a curb return together with the area between the projected tangents of the curb return. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1e, 1967.]

16.12.090 Sidewalk section.

“Sidewalk section” means that portion of the driveway approach lying between the back edge of the sidewalk and the apron plus the end slopes measured at the front edge of the sidewalk. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1e, 1967.]

16.12.100 Permittee.

“Permittee” means the person, firm, or corporation who is applying for a permit or to whom a permit has been issued for an improvement within the city. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1f, 1967.]

16.12.110 Property owner.

“Property owner” means the person, firm, or corporation who has legal title to the property on which the improvement fronts or is being made, and includes his legal agents. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1g, 1967.]

16.12.120 Sidewalk.

“Sidewalk” means any thoroughfare, the primary function of which is to serve pedestrian traffic. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1h, 1967.]

16.12.130 Standard specifications.

“Standard specifications” refers to the Standard Specification for Municipal Public Works Construction, prepared by the Washington State Public Works Association, dated 1963, and modifications or amendments thereto. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1i, 1967.]

16.12.140 Director of public works.

“Director of public works” is designated herein as DPW. [Ord. 649 Ch. III, § 1j, 1967.]