Chapter 17.20


17.20.010    General exceptions to lot size requirements.

17.20.020    Projections from building.

17.20.030    General exceptions to front yard requirements.

17.20.040    General exceptions to building height limitations.

17.20.050    Repealed.

17.20.010 General exceptions to lot size requirements.

If a lot in a residential zone has an area or dimension which does not meet the requirements of this title, the lot may be used for a single-family dwelling, subject to the other requirements of the zone in which the lot is located; provided, however, that a conditional use is granted by the board of adjustment. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.05.010.]

17.20.020 Projections from building.

Cornices, eaves, canopies, sunshades, chimneys, flues or other similar projections shall not project more than 24 inches into a required side yard. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.05.020.]

17.20.030 General exceptions to front yard requirements.

The following exceptions to the front yard requirements are authorized for a lot in a residential zone:

(1) The planning commission may recommend greater yard requirements when the yard abuts a street which the city has designated for widening; or as expressly indicated below.

Name of Street

of Street

Yard Requirements

Libby Street

Between 3rd Street and western corporate limits

25 feet

(2) If a street or block has an established pattern of front yard setbacks greater than is required by this title, the planning commission may recommend new construction to coincide with the setback established. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.05.030.]

17.20.040 General exceptions to building height limitations.

The following types of structures or structural parts not subject to the building height limitations of this title area: Chimneys, tanks, church spires, belfries, domes, monuments, fire and hose towers, observation towers, transmission towers, smokestacks, flagpoles, radio and television towers, masts, aerials, cooling towers, elevator shafts and other similar projections. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.05.040.]

17.20.050 Fences.

Repealed by Ord. 1629. [Ord. 1201 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.05.050.]