Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Authorization to initiate amendments.

17.40.020    Public hearing on an amendment.

17.40.030    Amendment criteria.

17.40.040    Action by city council final.

17.40.050    Appeal from ruling of the city council.

17.40.060    Record of amendments.

17.40.010 Authorization to initiate amendments.

An amendment to the text of this title or to a zoning map may be initiated by the city council, by the planning commission, or by a property owner. A property owner may initiate an amendment to this title by filing an application with the zoning official using the forms prescribed by CMC 17.45.120. [Ord. 1215 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.09.010.]

17.40.020 Public hearing on an amendment.

Before final action is taken on a proposed amendment, the planning commission shall hold a public hearing in accordance with the provisions of CMC 17.45.080. Within 90 days of the public hearing, the planning commission shall make a recommendation to the city council to accept or deny the proposed amendment. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.09.020.]

17.40.030 Amendment criteria.

The city may amend this title when it finds that any of the following applies:

(1) Such amendment is consistent with the comprehensive plan and is not detrimental to the public welfare;

(2) Change in economic, technological or environmental conditions has occurred to warrant modification of this title;

(3) It is found that an amendment is necessary to correct an error in this title;

(4) It is found that an amendment is necessary to clarify the meaning or intent of this title;

(5) It is found that an amendment is necessary to provide for a use(s) that was not previously addressed by this title; or

(6) Those amendments as deemed necessary by the city council to provide for the health, safety and general welfare. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.09.030.]

17.40.040 Action by city council final.

The city council may, by ordinance, amend any portion of the text of this title or amend the zoning map, subsequent to a public hearing by the planning commission. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.09.040.]

17.40.050 Appeal from ruling of the city council.

An action or ruling by the city council pursuant to this title may be appealed to the superior court within 15 days after the council has made its decision. Written notice of appeal shall be filed with the superior court clerk. If the appeal is not filed with the superior court clerk within the 15-day period, the decision of the city council is final. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.09.050.]

17.40.060 Record of amendments.

The city clerk shall maintain records of amendments to this title in a form convenient for use by the public. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.09.060.]