Chapter 17.50


17.50.010    Penalty.

17.50.020    Alternative remedy.

17.50.030    Violation authority.

17.50.010 Penalty.

A violation of this title shall be considered a misdemeanor. Each day that the violation continues, the violation shall be considered a separate offense. Upon conviction of a violation of any provision of this title, the defendant shall be punished by a fine of not to exceed $1,000 or imprisonment not to exceed 90 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. [Ord. 1206 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.11.010.]

17.50.020 Alternative remedy.

In case a building or other structure is or is proposed to be located, constructed, maintained, repaired, altered or used, or land is or is proposed to be used in violation of this title, the building or land in violation shall constitute a nuisance, and the city may, as an alternative to other remedies that are legally available for enforcing this title, institute injunction, abatement or other appropriate proceedings to prevent, enjoin temporarily or permanently, abate or remove the unlawful location, construction, maintenance, repair, alteration or use. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.11.020.]

17.50.030 Violation authority.

The zoning official is hereby designated as the responsible official for pursuing remedies on violations. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.11.030.]