Chapter 17.65


17.65.010    Hearing examiner position established.

17.65.020    Hearing examiner appointed.

17.65.030    Duties.

17.65.040    Appeal.

17.65.050    Repeal of conflicting ordinances.

17.65.010 Hearing examiner position established.

As authorized by RCW 35A.63.170, the position of hearing examiner is established for the city. [Ord. 1241 § 1.0, 1996. Code 1966 § 17.15.010.]

17.65.020 Hearing examiner appointed.

The hearing examiner shall be selected by the mayor. The mayor may, to ensure the timely review of all applications, appoint more than one hearing examiner. [Ord. 1241 § 1.0, 1996. Code 1966 § 17.15.020.]

17.65.030 Duties.

The duties of the hearing examiner shall be to conduct land use hearings on applications for variances and conditional uses, and hearings on appeals from zoning official decisions. The hearing examiner shall make a final decision consistent with applicable city, state, and federal land use laws. The hearing examiner shall prepare written findings of fact and conclusions of law to support the decision. The written decision shall be mailed to the applicant and filed with the city within 10 working days from the date of the hearing. [Ord. 1241 § 1.0, 1996. Code 1966 § 17.15.030.]

17.65.040 Appeal.

Any person aggrieved by the decision of the hearing examiner shall have the right to appeal the decision to the city council. The appeal shall be in writing and delivered to the city clerk within 14 calendar days of the hearing examiner’s decision. No new evidence will be accepted by the city council. The appeal is limited to the record presented to the hearing examiner. The city council shall not overturn the hearing examiner’s decision unless the council finds that the decision was arbitrary and capricious. [Ord. 1241 § 1.0, 1996. Code 1966 § 17.15.040.]

17.65.050 Repeal of conflicting ordinances.

All previous ordinances are repealed insofar as they may be in conflict with this chapter. [Ord. 1241 § 1.0, 1996. Code 1966 § 17.15.050.]