Chapter 2.11


2.11.010    Mayor – Duties – Powers – Mayor pro tempore.

2.11.020    Salary and benefits for the office of mayor.

2.11.010 Mayor – Duties – Powers – Mayor pro tempore.

The mayor of the city of Clyde Hill shall preside over all meetings of the city council at which he or she is present. In the absence of the mayor, the city council may choose a mayor pro tem to act as the mayor for a specified period of time, not to exceed six months.

The mayor shall sign all warrants drawn on the treasurer or checks drawn on the city bank accounts and shall sign all written contracts entered into by the city. The mayor may administer oaths and affirmations, and take affidavits and certify them. The mayor shall sign all conveyances made by the city and all instruments which require the seal of the city. The mayor is authorized to acknowledge the execution of all instruments executed by the city which require acknowledgment.

The mayor shall appoint the city administrator and city clerk who shall hold office at the pleasure of the mayor, and shall not be subject to confirmation by the city council. At the discretion of the mayor, the positions of administrator and city clerk may be combined and performed by the same person. (Ord. 753 § 5, 1997)

2.11.020 Salary and benefits for the office of mayor.

The salary for the position of mayor shall be as is established from time to time by ordinance by the city council. In addition to such salary as established by ordinance, the mayor shall be entitled to receive the same benefit package as the city would provide for its full-time, exempt administrative employees. Alternatively, and in lieu of the benefit package, the mayor may elect to receive up to 70 percent of the cost of the benefit package in cash for any calendar year. (Ord. 847 § 1, 2002)