Chapter 3.18


3.18.010    Established.

3.18.020    Change funds established.

3.18.010 Established.

There are established three separate petty cash funds, each in the amount of $75.00, one for the city clerk, one for the chief of police and one for the street superintendent, to be used to pay incidental expenses, the accounting for which is to be made to the city council at such times as they need to be replenished. (Ord. 474, 1983)

3.18.020 Change funds established.

There is established a change fund to be used to make change when payments are received by the city. The amount of each change fund shall initially be $100.00 and thereafter such amount as shall be provided for in the city council annual budget from time to time. The fund shall be administered by the city clerk or an individual who has been duly designated by the mayor to perform such administration. (Ord. 642 § 3, 1991)