Chapter 8.32


8.32.010    Regulation of portable storage containers.

8.32.010 Regulation of portable storage containers.

A. Definitions. Portable storage container is any box-like container transported by truck or trailer to a desired location for drop off with a storage capacity of more than 216 cubic feet that would normally be stored at an off-site location. A commonly accepted name for these storage containers is PODS, an acronym for portable on-demand storage.

B. Regulation of Portable Storage Containers – Permit Required.

1. The maximum allowable size for a portable storage container in a residential zoning district is 160 square feet with an overall length not to exceed 20 feet.

2. Not more than one portable storage container shall be allowed on an R-1 lot at any time.

3. Any portable storage container should be placed no closer than 10 feet from any property line. The location for placement on the lot shall be determined by the building official and designated on the permit. The building official shall take into consideration (1) placement in a location where the container reasonably serves the purpose for its placement (not necessarily the best location for that purpose); and (2) mitigation of the view of the container from neighboring property and the public right-of-way.

4. A portable storage container may be placed on an R-1 lot for a period not to exceed 14 consecutive days in any 30-day period and no more than twice in any 360-day period of time, regardless of the duration of the placement. The building official may grant a permit for the placement of a portable storage container in a residential district for longer periods of time, provided the property owner has demonstrated that extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the property owner exist to justify the extension.

5. A valid permit from the city is required. Permit fees shall be set in the city’s fee resolution.

C. Prohibitions.

1. Placement on city streets is prohibited. Portable storage containers shall not be allowed to be placed or unloaded on any city street or right-of-way under any circumstances.

2. Placed or unloaded for sale or advertising purposes is prohibited.

3. No portable storage unit shall be used for habitation.

D. Penalty – Violations. The violation of any provision of this chapter is subject to the penalties listed in Chapter 1.08 CHMC. (Ord. 953 § 1, 2017)