Chapter 9.26


9.26.010    Assault and other crimes involving physical harm.

9.26.020    Repealed.

9.26.030    Menacing.

9.26.040    Aggressive begging.

9.26.050    Harassment.

9.26.060    Domestic violence – State statutes adopted by reference.

9.26.070    Custodial interference.

9.26.080    Violation of civil anti-harassment orders.

9.26.010 Assault and other crimes involving physical harm.

The following state statutes, including all future amendments, are adopted by reference:


9A.36.041    Assault in the fourth degree

9A.36.050    Reckless endangerment

9A.36.070    Coercion

9.61.230    Telephone calls to harass, intimidate, torment or embarrass

9.61.240    Same – Permitting telephone to be used

9.61.250    Same – Offenses, where deemed committed

(Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.020 Provoking assault.

Repealed by Ord. 732. (Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.030 Menacing.

A person is guilty of menacing when he knowingly causes or attempts to cause another person to believe that he or any member of his family will be the victim of serious physical injury or death. Menacing is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.040 Aggressive begging.

A. It is a crime for any person to engage in aggressive begging in any public place in the town, as those terms are defined by this section.

B. Definitions. As used in this section:

1. “Aggressive begging” means to beg with intent to intimidate another person into giving money or goods.

2. “Beg” means to ask for money or goods as a charity, whether by words, bodily gestures, signs or other means.

3. “Intimidate” means to coerce or frighten into submission or obedience.

4. “Public place” means any road, alley, lane, parking area, sidewalk or any place, private or otherwise, adapted to and fitted for vehicular or pedestrian travel, that is in common use by the public with the consent, expressed or implied, of the owner or owners, and further, any public playground, school grounds, recreation grounds, parks, parkways, park drives, park paths and rights-of-way open to the use of the public. (Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.050 Harassment.

The following state statutes, including all future amendments, are adopted by reference:


9A.46.020    Definition – Penalties

9A.46.030    Place where committed

9A.46.040    Court-ordered requirements upon person charged with crime – Violation

9A.46.050    Arraignment – No-contact order

9A.46.060    Crimes included in harassment

9A.46.070    Enforcement of orders restricting contact

9A.46.080    Order restricting contact – Violation

9A.46.090    Nonliability of peace officer

9A.46.100    “Convicted,” time when

(Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.060 Domestic violence – State statutes adopted by reference.

The following state statutes, including all future amendments, are adopted by reference:


10.99.020    Definitions

10.99.030    Law enforcement officers – Training, powers, duties

10.99.040    Restrictions upon and duties of court

10.99.045    Appearances by defendant – Orders prohibiting contact

10.99.050    Restriction or prohibition of contact with victim – Procedures

10.99.055    Enforcement of orders against defendants

26.50.010    Definitions

26.50.020    Commencement of action – Jurisdiction – Venue

26.50.030    Petition for an order for protection – Availability of forms and instructional brochures – Filing fee – Bond not required

26.50.040    Application for leave to proceed in forma pauperis

26.50.050    Hearing – Service – Time

26.50.060    Relief

26.50.070    Ex parte temporary order for protection

26.50.080    Issuance of order – Assistance of peace officer – Designation of appropriate law enforcement agency

26.50.090    Order – Service

26.50.100    Order – Transmittal to law enforcement agency – Record in law enforcement information system – Enforceability

26.50.120    Violation of order – Prosecuting attorney or attorney for municipality may be requested to assist – Costs and attorney’s fees

26.50.130    Order – Modification – Transmittal

26.50.140    Peace officers – Immunity

26.50.200    Title of real estate – Effect

26.50.210    Proceedings additional

(Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.070 Custodial interference.

The following state statutes, including all future amendments, are adopted by reference:


9A.40.070    Custodial interference in the second degree

9A.40.080    Custodial interference – Assessment of costs – Defense – Consent defenses, restricted

(Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)

9.26.080 Violation of civil anti-harassment orders.

It is a gross misdemeanor to willfully disobey a temporary or permanent anti-harassment order issued pursuant to Chapter 10.14 RCW. (Ord. 629 § 1, 1990)