Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Required.

13.04.020    Permit – Fee for restoration of street surface.

13.04.030    Restoration fee additional.

13.04.040    Refusal to connect.

13.04.050    Violation a nuisance.

13.04.010 Required.

The owner of each parcel of real property situated within the city which is not adjacent to an available and operable public sewer system on or before October 1, 1960, shall, within 90 days after the date on which the public sewer system is established adjacent to his property and made available for his use, cause a direct connection of the sanitary plumbing system pertaining to the property to the public sewer system and in such manner that all sewage or other authorized liquid waste from the property may be discharged into the public sewer system; provided, however, such connection shall not be required of any owner of real property within the city prior to February 15, 1961. (Ord. 107 § 2, 1961; Ord. 98 § 2, 1960)

13.04.020 Permit – Fee for restoration of street surface.

Each property owner shall, prior to making the connection required by CHMC 13.04.010, obtain a permit therefor from the city engineer and, prior to the issuance of the permit, he shall pay to the city such amount as the city engineer shall establish for reasonable cost of restoration of the street surface where the proposed connection will be made. (Ord. 98 § 5, 1960)

13.04.030 Restoration fee additional.

The sum to be paid in accordance with CHMC 13.04.020 shall be in addition to the regular permit fee required by Ordinance 82 of the city, codified in Chapter 12.08 CHMC. (Ord. 98 § 6, 1960)

13.04.040 Refusal to connect.

If an owner fails and neglects or refuses to connect his property to a public sewer system as required by, and within the time specified in, CHMC 13.04.010, the city engineer may cause such connection to be made and the cost thereof shall be charged to the owner of the property, and a bill showing the amount thereof shall be mailed or delivered to the owner, or posted upon the premises in a conspicuous and visible place. If the charge is not paid within 10 days of the mailing, delivery or posting of the bill as aforesaid, the same shall be deemed to be delinquent, and subject to a penalty charge in the amount of five percent of the bill. The entire amount, including penalties, shall draw interest at the rate of six percent per year from the date of rendering the bill until paid. Any such delinquent charge shall constitute a lien upon the premises, which lien shall be filed and enforced in the manner prescribed by the laws of the state. (Ord. 107 § 3, 1961; Ord. 98, 1960)

13.04.050 Violation a nuisance.

A. Each violation of this chapter is declared to be a nuisance.

B. It is a separate offense for each and every day or portion thereof during which any violation of this chapter is committed, continued or permitted. (Ord. 98 §§ 3, 4, 1960)