Chapter 15.05


15.05.010    Development and construction activities – Developer’s responsibilities.

15.05.020    Development and construction activities – Parking plan required.

15.05.010 Development and construction activities – Developer’s responsibilities.

Whether or not the provisions of CHMC 15.05.020 apply to construction permitted under this code, all construction is inherently a messy and noisy activity. The city of Clyde Hill expects all developers, contractors and property owners to be responsible for the activities that occur on their building site and to be sensitive to how a project impacts the neighboring properties and residents. Developers, contractors and property owners shall, as reasonably possible, work cooperatively with neighboring property owners to mitigate any inconveniences, complaints, and disputes that arise concerning such matters as construction hours, parking, cleanliness, location of port-a-potties, and noise from construction activities and equipment, including radios and other players of music. Compliance with all requirements of this code is also expected. The city has printed information addressing the responsibilities of a developer and contractor available at City Hall and city staff is available during business hours to answer questions regarding the mitigation responsibilities during development and construction activities. (Ord. 936 § 1, 2015)

15.05.020 Development and construction activities – Parking plan required.

A. Application of Section Requirements. The requirements of this section shall apply to all construction projects requiring a building permit issued by city, excepting the nonsubstantial remodeling of existing buildings and structures. “Nonsubstantial” for purposes of this section means the cost of all remodeling, as determined by the building official, within a 24-month period from the date of permit approval for the remodeling project, does not exceed the threshold amount for substantial remodeling as set forth in CHMC 17.60.030.

B. Parking and Parking Plan. Excepting such portion of the public right-of-way immediately adjacent to the development or construction site, upon which vehicle parking is allowed under CHMC Title 10, parking on the public right-of-way open to the public, whether improved or unimproved, is prohibited by the owners and operators of all site development and construction related vehicles and equipment, including personal vehicles operated by the site development and construction-related workers commuting to and from the development or construction site. Parking for such workers shall be provided on site by the owner of the property or their authorized agent. Parking at locations other than on site shall be arranged and designated in a written parking plan prior to the issuance of permits by securing approval for an alternate designated parking area, staging area, delivery area, or equipment or materials storage area from the city building official through an approved building, demolition, mechanical, or site development permit. If a parking or staging area is not available, it shall be the responsibility of the property owner or his authorized agent to provide sufficient staging, storage, or transportation to and from the site from a location outside of the city limits, or to make other arrangements not inconsistent with this section, described in the parking plan. The parking plan shall be posted on-site for review on a 24-hour basis on the project site in a place and manner approved by the building official. The approved written parking plan shall be a condition of the approved building, demolition, mechanical, or site development permit and incorporated therein as if specifically set forth. Violations of the parking plan shall be a violation of the building permit and subject to the issuance of a stop work order by the building official.

C. Cash Security Deposit. Prior to the issuance of the permit for which the parking plan is required, the applicant for the permit shall deposit with the city a cash security deposit of $250.00 from which the city may draw upon to recover the costs to the city of enforcement of a violation of the parking plan resulting in a stop work order, including employee wages and benefits and attorney fees. The amount of the withdrawal and the justification therefor shall be specified in a notice to the depositor along with a statement that the notice represents a determination that the amount of withdrawal from the deposit is final unless contested within 10 calendar days of service of the notice as provided in CHMC 1.08.030 for responding to a notice of violation. In the event monies are withdrawn from the cash security deposit as provided for in this subsection, the deposit shall be replenished by the permit applicant.

D. A violation of this section by any owner or operator of the site development and/or construction-related vehicles and/or equipment, or by the operator of any personal vehicle operated by site development and/or construction workers, shall be a violation of this code and subject to the general penalties specified in Chapter 1.08 CHMC.

E. Any owner or operator of site development equipment and/or construction-related vehicles or equipment, including privately owned vehicles of workers, who violates subsection (B) of this section shall be deemed to be an acting agent of the owner of the property or prime contractor. The owner or prime contractor shall be subject to the penalties as set forth in subsection (D) of this section. (Ord. 936 § 1, 2015)