Chapter 16.04


16.04.010    Purpose.

16.04.020    References to town are hereby changed to city.

16.04.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this title is to regulate the subdivision of land and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare in accordance with standards established by the state to prevent the overcrowding of land, to lessen congestion in the streets and highways; to promote effective use of land; to promote safe and convenient travel by the public on streets and highways; to provide for adequate light and air; to facilitate adequate provision for water, sewerage, parks and recreation areas, sites for schools and school grounds and other public requirements; to provide for proper ingress and egress; and to provide for the expeditious review and approval of proposed subdivisions which conform to zoning standards and the city’s comprehensive plan and policies. (Ord. 739 § 1, 1996; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994)

16.04.020 References to town are hereby changed to city.

Throughout this title, there are numerous references to the town of Clyde Hill. By virtue of the town having changed its form of government, and having become an optional municipal code city with a mayor/council form of government, the codifier for the city is hereby authorized and directed to change all references to the term “town” contained in this title to the term “city.” Wherever the word town appears in this title, it shall mean the city of Clyde Hill. (Ord. 835 § 1, 2001)