Chapter 2.26


2.26.010    Creation.

2.26.020    Purpose.

2.26.030    Goals.

2.26.040    Membership.

2.26.050    Officers.

2.26.060    Conduct of business.

2.26.070    Meetings.

2.26.080    Administration.

2.26.090    Responsibilities.

2.26.010 Creation.

There is created in the city of Colfax a youth advisory commission.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.020 Purpose.

The youth advisory commission shall serve as an advisory body to the city council, other city boards, commissions and city staff on issues such as youth programs, recreational activities, and other issues of importance to youth.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.030 Goals.

The youth advisory commission shall promote citizenship, leadership skills and the communication of ideas.  The youth advisory commission’s goals shall be to:

A.  Find solutions for local youth problems and report these to the city council.

B.  Provide community youth with an outlet for expressing interests and opinions.

C.  Make the public aware of the youth commission and its program.

D.  Recognize outstanding youth in the community by proclaiming one week in May "Youth Recognition Week" which shall culminate in an annual awards ceremony with presentations from the mayor and council.

E.  Suggest ways to improve the quality of life for young people.

F.  Be a liaison between the schools and city to foster citizenship through education.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.040 Membership.

A.  The youth advisory commission may consist of six voting members and one alternate appointed by the mayor and confirmed by city council.

B.  The commission shall serve without compensation.

C.  Each member shall serve a term of two years.  The mayor shall annually appoint new members to fill the expiring terms on the youth commission.  If, for any reason, a vacancy occurs during the term of a youth commission member, the mayor shall appoint a new member to fill the unexpired term of that youth commission member.  The city council may remove a youth commission member at any time if the city council determines that member is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the satisfaction of the city council.  All members of the youth commission shall serve until their successors are duly appointed by the mayor.

D.  Persons appointed to serve on the commission shall reside within the Colfax School District no. 300 boundaries city limits during the members’ terms.

E.  Any high school student in good standing is eligible to serve on the youth advisory commission.

F.  Terms of office run from May 1st to April 30th.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.050 Officers.

Officers of the commission shall be elected in the first scheduled meeting in September of each year.  Officers of the commission shall consist of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, and their duties are:

A.  Chair.

1.  It shall be the duty of the chair to preside at all meetings of the commission;

2.  The chair shall appoint any special committees;

3.  The chair is empowered to call additional meetings as needed;

4.  The chair shall prepare the agenda for each meeting from items submitted by the youth advisory commission members, city staff, and the public.

B.  Vice Chair.

1.  The vice chair shall perform the duties of the chair in his or her absence;

2.  When necessary, the vice chair shall assume any duties assigned by the chair;

3.  The vice chair shall succeed to the office of the chair in the event the chair steps down during an unexpired term;

4.  The vice chair shall provide quarterly updates to the city council, school board and other groups as needed.

C.  Secretary.

1.  The secretary shall record and prepare minutes of all regular and special meetings of the commission;

2.  The secretary shall keep a record of attendance of commission members at youth advisory commission meetings;

3.  The secretary shall maintain all records of the youth advisory commission;

4.  The secretary shall file the original copy of the minutes when they have been approved by the commission and signed by the chair.

D.  Treasurer.

1.  The treasurer shall plan, evaluate, and implement and report back to the commission any budgetary items;

2.  The treasurer shall assist committees in determining projected costs and revenues for every youth advisory commission function;

3.  The treasurer shall work with the city’s finance director to receive on behalf of the city any gifts or bequests of money or other personal property or any donation to be applied, principal and income, for either temporary or permanent use for playgrounds, or other recreational purposes, the same to be deposited with the city finance office to be used exclusively for parks, recreational, and other youth purposes.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.060 Conduct of business.

A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  A majority vote is fifty percent plus one of the members present at a meeting.  This majority shall be necessary to carry any proposition.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.070 Meetings.

Meeting times shall be set by a majority vote of the commission at the first meeting of each term.  The chair may call special meetings as needed.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.080 Administration.

City staff support to the youth advisory commission shall be assigned by the mayor.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).

2.26.090 Responsibilities.

The youth advisory commission shall have the responsibility to:

A.  Hold regular public meetings at least once a month, pursuant to a regular agenda, and to keep a written record of its proceedings which shall be a public record, all in accordance with state law;

B.  Serve as advisors to the council and the council’s various boards, commissions and task forces;

C.  Adopt and manage bylaws for the regular operation of the commission; and

D.  Provide outreach to the community in an effort to place youth issues before our citizens in a positive manner.  (Ord. 16-07 §1 (Exh. 2) (part)).