Chapter 13.14


13.14.010    Purpose.

13.14.020    Service discontinuance – For other than payment failure.

13.14.030    Illegal turn-on or connection.

13.14.040    Delinquent account – Refusal of other city services.

13.14.050    Right of entry for inspection.

13.14.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish and enforce penalties for illegal turn-on or connection to the town water and sewer utilities and for refusal of other city services to delinquent accounts. [Ord. 531, 2004]

13.14.020 Service discontinuance – For other than payment failure.

In addition to nonpayment of a utility bill, the town may shut off and discontinue any or all utility services to a customer for failure to pay connection charges for any utility service furnished to such customer, or for the fraudulent, illegal or unauthorized use or abuse of any utility service, or the failure or refusal of the customer to comply with all rules, regulations or ordinances pertaining to the receipt and use of utility services furnished by the town. [Ord. 531, 2004]

13.14.030 Illegal turn-on or connection.

Any person turning water service on to any premises after it has been shut off by the town or making an unauthorized connection to the town water or sewer service shall be deemed in violation of this chapter, and shall be charged a fine set by annual resolution of the town council for theft of services. In such case the utility will be shut off, locked and will not be turned on again until all charges, including penalties, have been paid. [Ord. 646, 2009; Ord. 531, 2004]

13.14.040 Delinquent account – Refusal of other city services.

If a utility bill becomes delinquent, no officer, agent, or employee of the town may authorize or permit any further town service or process any application for a permit from the town, when such application has been requested by the person in whose name an account stands delinquent; this requirement shall remain in effect until the delinquent account is paid in full. [Ord. 531, 2004]

13.14.050 Right of entry for inspection.

The public works director or his designee shall have free access at all reasonable hours onto the premises to which town utilities are rendered for the purpose of inspecting and testing the same and also for the purpose of exercising the right of utility shut-off, or performing emergency repairs. [Ord. 531, 2004]