Chapter 3.05


3.05.010    Established.

3.05.020    Appropriation of funds.

3.05.010 Established.

The City Manager or his or her designee is hereby authorized to establish a petty cash fund in such amount as the City Manager may from time to time, in writing, determine necessary for the efficient carrying out of the purposes for which said fund is established but not to exceed $600.00. This fund is established for the purpose of making minor authorized disbursements and the making of change. The fund shall be administered by the City Manager, or designee, in accordance with regulations providing for such lawful administration. (Ord. 08-08 § 1; Ord. 7-97 § 1)

3.05.020 Appropriation of funds.

The City Manager, or designee, is authorized, from time to time, to reimburse the petty cash fund for actual expenses incurred. The following petty cash accounts are hereby authorized in the amounts and with the custodians detailed below:



Authorized Amount

General Fund

Petty Cash

As designated in writing by the Finance Director


Change Drawer

As designated in writing by the City Clerk/Executive Assistant


Development Services Fund

Change Drawer

As designated in writing by the Community Development Director


Parks Fund

Change Drawer

As designated in writing by the Parks and Recreation Director


(Ord. 20-10 § 1; Ord. 08-08 § 2; Ord. 7-97 § 2)