Chapter 3.75


3.75.010    Established.

3.75.020    Source of funds.

3.75.030    Purpose.

3.75.040    Creation of specific rewards by resolution.

3.75.050    Payment of rewards.

3.75.060    Conflicting claims.

3.75.070    Reward offered.

3.75.010 Established.

There is hereby established and created a Crime Reward Fund in the City of Covington. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)

3.75.020 Source of funds.

The revenue for deposit into the Crime Reward Fund shall be all contributions specifically transferred, donated, devised, or bequeathed to this fund. Unless otherwise indicated, these monies shall be deposited into a specific account maintained by the City. Monies that are donated, devised, or bequeathed to a specific reward already established from the Crime Reward Fund by resolution of the City Council, pursuant to CMC 3.75.040, may be added to that specific reward by a subsequent resolution of the City Council. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)

3.75.030 Purpose.

Monies in the Crime Reward Fund shall be used for the payment of rewards under this chapter. The Crime Reward Fund shall be maintained as a general ledger account within the General Fund. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)

3.75.040 Creation of specific rewards by resolution.

The City Council may, whenever in its opinion the public good requires it, pass a resolution that offers and pays a specific reward out of the Crime Reward Fund to any person or persons for information leading to:

(1) The arrest of a specified person or persons convicted of or charged with any criminal offense; or

(2) The arrest and conviction of a person or persons committing a specific criminal offense.

The City Council shall have the ultimate authority to determine which crimes are allocated a specific reward from the general Crime Reward Fund. The Council may consider requests for specific rewards from citizens, property owners, staff members or the Chief of Police. The City Council may establish the terms and conditions of eligibility for the reward established. The City Council shall at all times retain the final and exclusive right to determine who may be eligible for any reward, whether a reward should be split amongst more than one person, and whether the potential claimants are otherwise qualified to receive a reward. Elected City officials and/or City staff members and their families are not eligible to receive any rewards under this chapter. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)

3.75.050 Payment of rewards.

Whenever a specific reward has been offered by the City pursuant to CMC 3.75.040, the person or persons providing the information leading to the arrest and/or conviction shall be entitled to the reward, unless payment would be contrary to public policy. Any person or persons claiming a reward under this chapter shall file a written claim therefor with the City Clerk at any time prior to the date which is 10 days after the conviction or other final disposition of the accused, unless the City Council finds good cause for extending the time period to file the claim. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)

3.75.060 Conflicting claims.

When more than one claimant applies for the payment of any reward offered by the City, the City Council shall determine to whom the same shall be paid, and if to more than one person, in what proportion to each; and the City Council’s determination shall be final and conclusive. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)

3.75.070 Reward offered.

A reward is offered by the City for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons who shall willfully and maliciously destroy or injure any real or personal property belonging to the City. Said reward shall be paid from available monies in the Crime Reward Fund. Recommendations for payment of such rewards, including recommendations as to the amounts to be paid and the person or persons to whom payment should be made, shall be made by the Police Chief to the City Council, and when approved by the City Council, shall be paid from the Crime Reward Fund. (Ord. 05-05 § 1)