Chapter 10.40


10.40.010    Statutes adopted.

10.40.020    Definitions – Fees.

10.40.010 Statutes adopted.

Pursuant to the requirements and authority of Chapter 47.50 RCW, there is hereby adopted by reference the provisions of Chapters 468-51 and 468-52 WAC, together with all future amendments, in order to implement the requirements of Chapter 47.50 RCW. (Ord. 23-08 § 1)

10.40.020 Definitions – Fees.

For purposes of this chapter and of the regulations adopted by reference, the term “government entity” means the City of Covington. Where there is any reference to “the department” in the administrative and procedural sections adopted by reference, that reference shall be deemed to mean the City of Covington for purposes of this chapter. All fees due and payable in connection with access permitting shall be paid to the City of Covington. (Ord. 23-08 § 1)