Title 12


12.05    General Provisions

12.10    Official City Street System

12.15    Load Restrictions on City Streets

12.20    Load Limits on Bridges

12.25    Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction

12.30    Road Construction Rules Adopted

12.35    Right-of-Way Use

12.40    Special Events on City Property

12.45    Installation of Public Benches

12.50    Street Closure by Petition

12.55    Street and Public Easement Vacation

12.60    City of Covington Design and Construction Standards

12.65    Franchised Utility Work Within City Rights-of-Way

12.67    Non-Franchised Utility Right-of-Way Placement

12.70    Utilities on City of Covington Real Property

12.75    Snow Emergency Routes

12.80    Sidewalks, Planting Strips and Street Trees

12.85    Nonmotorized Vehicle Program

12.90    Commute Trip Reduction

12.95    Integrated Transportation Program

12.100    Transportation Concurrency Management

12.105    Repealed

12.110    Intersection Standards

12.115    Excavation in City Streets

12.120    Traffic Impact Fee Funding Source Adjustment

12.125    Transportation Benefit District