Chapter 12.125


12.125.010    Establishing transportation benefit district.

12.125.020    Repealed.

12.125.030    Powers.

12.125.040    Transportation improvements funded.

12.125.045    Annual vehicle license fee.

12.125.050    Dissolution.

12.125.060    Liberal construction.

12.125.010 Establishing transportation benefit district.

There is created a transportation benefit district to be known as the Covington transportation benefit district (the “TBD”) with geographical boundaries comprised of the corporate limits of the City as they currently exist or as they may exist following future annexations. (Ord. 02-13 § 3)

12.125.020 Governing board.

Repealed by Ord. 07-15. (Ord. 02-13 § 3)

12.125.030 Powers.

The City is vested with all rights, powers, immunities, functions, and obligations otherwise vested by law in a transportation benefit district under Chapter 36.73 RCW and the City Council may exercise any powers provided by law to fulfill the purpose of the TBD. (Ord. 07-15 § 3; Ord. 02-13 § 3)

12.125.040 Transportation improvements funded.

The funds generated by the TBD may be used for any purpose allowed by law and to make transportation improvements that are consistent with existing State, regional, and local transportation plans and necessitated by existing or reasonably foreseeable congestion levels pursuant to Chapter 36.73 RCW, as the same may be amended from time to time. The transportation improvements funded shall be made in an effort to protect the City’s long-term investments in its infrastructure, to reduce the risk of transportation facility failure, to improve safety, to continue optimal performance of the infrastructure over time, to avoid more expensive infrastructure replacements in the future, and to improve modal connectivity within the City of Covington. Additional transportation improvement projects of the TBD may be funded only after compliance with the provisions of Chapter 36.73 RCW. (Ord. 07-15 § 4; Ord. 02-13 § 3)

12.125.045 Annual vehicle license fee.

(1) Annual Vehicle License Fee Established. An annual vehicle license fee of $20.00 is hereby established. Consistent with RCW 36.73.065(4)(a)(i), as written or hereafter amended, to be collected by the Washington Department of Licensing on qualifying vehicles as set forth in RCW 82.80.140, as written or hereafter amended.

(2) Revenue Restrictions. The revenues received from the $20.00 vehicle license fee shall only be expended on TBD projects approved by the City Council pursuant to Ordinance No. 02-13 and State law.

(3) Vehicle License Fee Collection Effective Date. The annual vehicle license fee shall take effect for notices mailed in 2016 for vehicle license renewals due on or after May 8, 2016, or as soon thereafter as the Washington Department of Licensing is reasonably able to incorporate collection of the $20.00 fee; but in no event shall the vehicle license fee be collected sooner than 180 days after approval of the ordinance codified in this section, pursuant to RCW 36.73.065 and 82.80.140(4). The vehicle license fee shall be collected during the term of the existence of the district and shall cease to be collected upon dissolution of the district. (Ord. 12-15 §§ 1 – 3)

12.125.050 Dissolution.

The TBD shall be automatically dissolved, pursuant to the procedures set forth in Chapter 36.73 RCW, when all indebtedness of the TBD has been retired and when the entire TBD’s anticipated responsibilities have been satisfied. (Ord. 02-13 § 3)

12.125.060 Liberal construction.

As authorized pursuant to Chapter 36.73 RCW, this chapter shall be liberally construed to permit the accomplishment of its purposes. (Ord. 02-13 § 3)