Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Gross weight allowed and notification.

12.20.020    Limited special permits.

12.20.030    Maximum gross vehicle weight.

12.20.040    Enforcement.

12.20.010 Gross weight allowed and notification.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle over any bridge when such vehicle has a gross weight that is greater than the posted maximum weight for that bridge, unless the driver is in possession of a limited special permit issued by the City Public Works Director or designee for the safe use of such bridge. Notice of closing of individual bridges to certain classes or weights of vehicles shall be:

(a) Published in a local newspaper of general circulation; and

(b) Posted on signs at each end of subject bridge, on or prior to the date of publication. All signs shall be erected and maintained in accordance with RCW 46.61.450 and Chapter 47.36 RCW. Maximum gross weights for vehicles operating over bridges shall be established by ordinance in accordance with and RCW 46.44.080.

(2) The City Public Works Director shall have the authority by administrative determination to immediately impose temporary gross weight limits on bridges based on the results of an engineering and traffic investigation. The Traffic Engineer shall have the authority to immediately erect and maintain official traffic control devices for temporary gross weight limits on bridges as directed by the City Public Works Director and in accordance with Chapter 46.90 RCW and WAC 308-330-265. The temporary gross weight limits on bridges shall be in effect for not longer than one year from the date of posting or until the weight limits are established by ordinance. (Amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.04.010))

12.20.020 Limited special permits.

The City Public Works Director or designee is authorized to issue limited special permits for the safe use of load limited bridges by emergency vehicles and other vehicles exceeding the posted maximum weight. Applications for limited special permits shall be accompanied by the required fee as set forth in the current fee resolution. (Amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 20-07 § 3; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.04.015))

12.20.030 Maximum gross vehicle weight.

Those bridges that are posted one legal load are done so pursuant to definitions and standards for maximum gross vehicle weight contained in Chapter 46.44 RCW, particularly the vehicle weight table of RCW 46.44.041. (Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.04.020))

12.20.040 Enforcement.

The Director of the Department of Public Works and Police Chief are authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter and any rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. Any violation of this chapter is a traffic infraction and subject to a penalty of $250.00 exclusive of costs and assessments. (Amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.04.030))