Chapter 12.50


12.50.010    Authority.

12.50.020    Petitions.

12.50.030    Determination.

12.50.010 Authority.

The Public Works Department shall be responsible for receiving and processing all street closure petitions, and for recommending to the Council whether or not the streets identified in the petition should be closed. The authority to make and issue said recommendations shall be vested to the Public Works Director. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to abrogate or abridge the powers of the Director to temporarily close City streets, as may be authorized by law. (Amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 20-07 § 18; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.38.010))

12.50.020 Petitions.

(1) Petitions to close City of Covington streets shall be filed with the Public Works Director.

(2) Said petitions shall include: the names, signatures and legal addresses of the persons filing the petition; the location of the roads or streets which the petitioners wish to have closed, including the intersections delineating the boundaries of the road or street sections to be closed; a map depicting the road or street sections requested to be closed; and the reasons for petitioning for closure of the street or road. Other information or documents as the petitioners deem pertinent may be included. Petitions for street closures shall include the names and signatures of at least a simple majority of the owners of property residing along the section(s) of the street being petitioned for closure and the signatures of at least 10 percent of the owners of property being served by arterial streets and neighborhood collector streets to which traffic would be diverted within a distance of 660 feet from the street section petitioned for closure.

(3) Reasons for petitioning the City for the closure of a street shall be limited to safety hazards posed to pedestrians, contiguous real property, and/or traffic such as, but not limited to, traffic speeds, volume, or types of vehicle using the road or street, the adequacy of road signage, and road design considerations.

(4) Petitioners shall submit whatever quantitative or other analyses they may possess in support of their petition, such as traffic volumes or counts, or numbers of accidents which have occurred on the road or street petitioned to be closed.

(5) The Director may consider a request for street closure which is not in conformance with the petition provisions of this chapter from any person. The decision of the Director on such a request shall not be subject to the provisions of CMC 12.50.030. (Amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 20-07 § 19; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.38.020))

12.50.030 Determination.

(1) The Public Works Director shall do the following upon the receipt of a petition for street closure:

(a) Acknowledge in writing within 10 calendar days the receipt of the petition.

(b) Refer the petition to the City Engineer for investigation, determination, and for the making of a recommendation on road closure to the Director.

(2) The City Engineer’s recommendation shall be submitted to the Director in writing no later than 60 days after the receipt of the petition.

(3) The Director shall notify the petitioners in writing of his recommendation within 10 days of the receipt of the City Engineer’s recommendation on the street closure petition. Said notification shall delineate the process for Council consideration of the Director’s recommendation on a petition to close a City street.

(4) The Director may oppose the petition for street closure or may determine that the portion of the street specified in the petition should be fully closed, closed to through traffic only, open to emergency vehicles only, closed in one direction only, closed to certain types of vehicles or temporarily closed in one of the ways specified.

(5) In addition to making a determination on the merits of the street closure petition, the Director may also identify safety measures for the area defined by the street closure petition as an alternative to road closure and may implement those street safety-related mitigations.

(6) The recommendation of the Director to close a City street shall be forwarded to the Council for consideration and adoption by ordinance.

(7) The recommendation of the Director to reject a petition to close a City street shall be conveyed by letter to the Council which reserves the option, following such notification, of closing all or a portion of the street that is the subject of the petition. (Amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 20-07 § 20; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.38.030))