Chapter 12.60


12.60.005    Purpose.

12.60.010    Adoption of standards.

12.60.020    Hierarchy of terms.

12.60.030    Applicability.

12.60.040    Associated references.

12.60.050    Design deviations and design variances.

12.60.060    Repealed.

12.60.005 Purpose.

(1) The City has adopted the Design and Construction Standards in this chapter:

(a) To set forth specific, consistent design elements for developers and other private parties constructing or modifying street or right-of-way and stormwater facilities;

(b) To establish uniform criteria to guide the City’s construction or reconstruction of City streets and stormwater facilities;

(c) Support the City’s goals of achieving affordable housing, providing adequate facilities for development in an efficient manner, and complying with stormwater management and critical area policies, and to balance these goals with the general safety and mobility needs of the traveling public;

(d) Encourage the standardization of street design elements where necessary for consistency and to assure so far as practical that motoring, bicycling, and pedestrian public safety needs are met. Considerations include safety, convenience, pleasant appearance, proper drainage, and economical maintenance.

(2) The Design and Construction Standards cannot provide for all situations. They are intended to assist but not to substitute for competent work by design professionals. It is expected that land surveyors, engineers, and architects will bring to each project the best of skills from their respective disciplines. These standards are also not intended to limit unreasonably any innovative or creative effort which could result in better quality, better cost savings, or both. Any proposed departure from the standards will be judged, however, on the likelihood that such variance will produce a compensating or comparable result. (Ord. 27-16 § 3)

12.60.010 Adoption of standards.

(1) All development within the City of Covington must comply with the City of Covington Design and Construction Standards, as adopted and amended, as it pertains to street design, stormwater design and general construction requirements. The “City of Covington Design and Construction Standards” shall also be known and referred to as the “standards.”

(2) Consistent with Council’s direction and intent in adopting these standards, the Department of Public Works is hereby authorized to develop public rules and make minor changes to the drawings and add drawings in order to better implement the standards and as needed to stay current with changing design and construction technology and methods.

(3) As required by RCW 35A.12.140, one copy of the City of Covington Design and Construction Standards has been filed with the ordinance codified in this chapter in the office of the City Clerk.

(4) If any part of the Design and Construction Standards is found invalid, all other parts shall remain in effect. (Ord. 27-16 § 4; amended at request of department 2/08; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.42.010))

12.60.020 Hierarchy of terms.

Unless otherwise defined in Chapter 18.20 CMC, the terms defined in the Design and Construction Standards are applicable. If there is conflict, the definitions in the Design and Construction Standards shall govern. (Ord. 27-16 § 5)

12.60.030 Applicability.

(1) The standards apply to all newly constructed public and private street and stormwater features or modifications of existing facilities which are within the scope of reconstructions or capital improvement projects when so required by City of Covington or to the extent they are expressly referred to in project plans and specifications.

(2) These standards are not intended to apply to “resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation” projects as those terms are defined in the Local Agency Guidelines, Washington State Department of Transportation, as amended. However, the Engineer may consider the standards as optional goals for resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation projects.

(3) The Design and Construction Standards are intended to be consistent with the Covington Municipal Code, adopted comprehensive plan, and other planning, public works and parks related studies on file with the City.

(4) In case of inconsistency or conflict between the Covington Municipal Code and the Design and Construction Standards, the most restrictive provision shall apply, unless otherwise determined by the Public Works Director.

(5) Failure to comply with these standards may result in denial of plan or development permit approval, revocation of prior approvals, and/or other penalties as provided in Chapter 1.30 CMC. (Ord. 27-16 § 6; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.42.030))

12.60.040 Associated references.

The Design and Construction Standards as approved, supplemented and amended by the City Engineer for specific design applications and in consultation with the City Council on policy issues or broad citywide implications and are consistent with and support the provisions of CMC Titles 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. A complete list of associated references to adopted standards and manuals is provided in Chapter 1 of the Design and Construction Standards. (Ord. 27-16 § 7)

12.60.050 Design deviations and design variances.

(1) Design deviation and variances from the requirements in the Design and Construction Standards may be granted by the Public Works Director, or his assignee, pursuant to the process outlined in Chapter 1 of the Design and Construction Standards. All requests for design deviation and variances are subject to the fees as set forth in the current fee resolution.

(2) Design deviation and variances shall be approved prior to issuance of any construction permits for the project and reviewed as follows:

(a) A design deviation shall be processed as a Type 2 decision in accordance with Chapter 14.30 CMC.

(b) A design variance shall be processed as a Type 2 decision in accordance with Chapter 14.30 CMC.

(3) Appeals of a design deviation or variance shall be in accordance with Chapter 14.45 CMC. (Ord. 27-16 § 8; Ord. 20-07 § 27; Ord. 06-05 § 1; Ord. 23-04 § 1; Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.42.060))

12.60.060 Penalties.

Repealed by Ord. 27-16. (Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.42.070))