Chapter 12.85


12.85.010    Findings and declaration of purpose.

12.85.020    Program established.

12.85.010 Findings and declaration of purpose.

Nonmotorized transportation, in the form of pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian travel in the City of Covington, should be safe. The prevention of accidents is a paramount element in the design and operation of all City transportation facilities as well as in developed and newly developing neighborhoods in the City. This policy is consistent with the the City of Covington comprehensive plan and the plans and programs for City parks and recreation. Therefore, it is the intent of the City of Covington Council to seek a coordinated administration of these nonmotorized transportation goals and policies through the development of a functional plan which defines service levels, facility standards, funding mechanisms, project engineering, and design and operation to be conducted through a public review process. (Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.56.010))

12.85.020 Program established.

There is established a nonmotorized vehicle program to meet the following goals and objectives:

(1) TRG 8.0. To develop facilities to provide safe pedestrian and bicycle travel to promote alternative transportation modes and to support recreational activity, access to transit, and access to schools.

(2) TRG 8.1. To provide a safe and convenient transportation system that is supported and enhances walking and bicycling.

(3) TRG 8.2. To recognize the significance of equestrian activities in Covington and seek to contribute towards promoting appropriate facilities for these uses.

(4) TRG 8.3. To provide a local and regionally integrated nonmotorized transportation system of sidewalks, parks, schools and activity centers, trails, and bicycle lanes to link neighborhoods, businesses. (Ord. 38-02 § 2 (12.56.020))