Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Objectives of Board.

2.16.020    Board established.

Chapter 36.93 RCW: Boundary review boards.

2.16.010 Objectives of Board.

The Board of Cowlitz County Commissioners believes it to be to the best interests of Cowlitz County and the citizens thereof to establish a Boundary Review Board for Cowlitz County to achieve the following objectives:

A. Preservation of natural neighborhoods and communities;

B. Use of physical boundaries, including but not limited to bodies of water, highways, and land contours;

C. Creation and preservation of logical service areas;

D. Prevention of abnormally irregular boundaries;

E. Discouragement of multiple incorporation of small cities and encouragement of incorporation of cities in excess of 10,000 population in heavily populated urban areas;

F. Dissolution of inactive special purpose districts;

G. Adjustment of impractical boundaries; and

H. Incorporation as cities or towns or annexation to cities or towns of unincorporated areas which are urban in character. [Res. 1856, preamble, 11-25-69.]

2.16.020 Board established.

A Boundary Review Board is established in Cowlitz County and the Clerk of the Board is hereby directed to notify all local governmental units of Cowlitz County of this action to enable them to file nominations with the Governor within 30 days after this date, November 25, 1969. [Res. 1856, 11-25-69.]