Chapter 12.25


12.25.010    Primary responsibility of Road Department.

12.25.020    Work for other public agencies – No work if private contractor available.

12.25.030    Work request procedure.

Chapter 136-32 WAC: Work for other agencies.

12.25.010 Primary responsibility of Road Department.

The primary responsibility of the County Road Department shall be to maintain Cowlitz County roads in good condition and safe for public travel and continuously pursue a program of improving and upgrading the roads which are substandard for the function that they perform. [Res. 2135, § 1, 10-6-70.]

12.25.020 Work for other public agencies – No work if private contractor available.

Cowlitz County desires to cooperate with other municipal agencies to provide economical services to the general public and to avoid duplication of equipment requirements, inventories, overhead or other resources. The county will perform reimbursable work for other public agencies and other county departments where it does not interfere with the primary purpose of the Road Department.

The county will not provide service or work for other outside agencies where private contractors are available at reasonable cost. [Res. 2135, §§ 2, 3, 10-6-70.]

12.25.030 Work request procedure.

Whenever a public agency or county department desires reimbursable work by the County Road Department, it shall submit a signed copy of the reimbursable work request, as attached to the resolution codified in this chapter, to the Board of County Commissioners via the County Engineer. The County Engineer shall make recommendations concerning the advisability of performing the requested work. The Board may approve reimbursable work requests if they meet the above criteria and do not interfere with the primary work of the Road Department. After the work request has been approved by the Board, the requesting agency and the County Engineer will be notified. The County Engineer will make arrangements with the requesting agency for the performance of the work and shall maintain records of all agreements and keep a complete fiscal record of all work the same as prescribed for normal Road Department activity. [Res. 2135, § 4, 10-6-70.]