Chapter 12.35


12.35.010    Definitions.

12.35.020    Establishment.

12.35.010 Definitions.

“Board” means the Board of County Commissioners of Cowlitz County.

“Primitive road” means a road within a county right-of-way that meets the requirements of RCW 36.75.300, which road may be maintained by the county or may be privately maintained, and is found to be a primitive road by the Board. Designated primitive roads shall be on file with the County Engineer. [Ord. 12-151 § 2, 11-13-12.]

12.35.020 Establishment.

The Board, upon finding that a road or a right-of-way, or portion thereof, meets the requirements of a primitive road, may by resolution establish a primitive road, and direct the County Engineer to mark with signs and so designate the road. [Ord. 12-151 § 2, 11-13-12; Res. 08-003, 1-8-08.]