Chapter 15.11


15.11.010    Sewer, water systems combined.

Chapter 15.06 CCC: Sewer-water Operating Board.
Chapter 15.14 CCC: Sewer-water service regulations.
Chapter 15.22 CCC: Sewer-water rates.

15.11.010 Sewer, water systems combined.

The Board of County Commissioners finds that it is in the best interest of the county, its residents and property owners that the water utility and sewerage utility be combined under the Utilities Division of the Department of Public Works for the purpose of administration, construction, operation and financing. Such utility shall be known as the Cowlitz County Water and Sewer Utility. Nothing in this section shall be deemed as conflicting with the provisions of the Contract for Sewage Disposal, dated as of February 15, 1972, between the county, the City of Kelso, the City of Longview, and Beacon Hill Sewer District.

The Board of County Commissioners finds that the combining of the water and sewerage utilities of the county will have no significant adverse effect on the environment since such action will not affect the activities of such utilities except to the extent of lowering the cost of operating and financing the same. [Res. 4000,* § 1, 2-3-75.]

*Codifier’s note: Resolution 4000 deals principally with the financing of certain ULID projects. Only Section 1 is codified here, since the other sections are not of general and permanent interest.