Chapter 18.42


18.42.010    Title.

18.42.020    Purpose.

18.42.030    Definitions.

18.42.040    Approval required – Manufactured home placement permit required.

18.42.050    Commencement of development.

18.42.060    Preliminary application – Procedure.

18.42.070    Application – Review by Director.

18.42.075    Development standards.

18.42.100    Effectiveness of preliminary site plan approval.

18.42.110    Final site plan approval.

18.42.115    Final site plan approval – Certification and recording.

18.42.120    Final site plan approval – Rescission.

18.42.150    Manufactured home placement permit.

18.42.160    Applications and fees.

18.42.170    Variances.

18.42.180    Enforcement.

18.42.185    Violations – Penalties.

18.42.190    Conflict with other county regulations.

18.42.200    Severability.

18.42.010 Title.

This chapter may be cited as the “Cowlitz County Manufactured Home Park Code.” [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.020 Purpose.

The Board of County Commissioners deems it necessary to establish standards and procedures set forth in this chapter for the following purposes:

A. To assure the development of planned manufactured home parks compatible with existing land uses;

B. To assure the orderly development of Cowlitz County consistent with the Comprehensive Plan;

C. To establish a procedure which promotes the timely review of manufactured home park developments in Cowlitz County;

D. To promote public health, safety, and general welfare;

E. To comply with the Washington State Subdivision Law. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.030 Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter:

“Accessory structure” means any awning, or cabana, storage structure, carport, garage, fence, windbreak, porch, or other ancillary structures.

“Commercial coach” means a structure used for temporary commercial purposes as defined in WAC 196-150C-0020.

“Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan” is the text and map as adopted by the Board, and thereafter amended.

“Department” means the Cowlitz County Department of Building and Planning.

“Director” means the Director of the Department of Building and Planning.

“Manufactured home” is a single-family dwelling built according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Act, which is a natural, preemptive building code. A manufactured home also:

1. Includes plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical systems;

2. Is built on a permanent chassis; and

3. Can be transported in one or more sections with each section at least eight feet wide and 40 feet long when transported; or when installed on the site is 320 square feet or greater.

For the purpose of this chapter, any regulatory reference to the term “manufactured home” shall include “commercial coach” and “mobile home” as well as “park trailer” as defined in this chapter.

“Manufactured home lot” means a portion of a manufactured home park designated as the location of one manufactured home and its accessory structures, intended for the exclusive use of the occupants of that manufactured home.

“Manufactured home park” means a parcel or parcels of land, divided into three or more lots or sites for the placement of manufactured homes which are to be used for dwelling purposes.

“Manufactured home placement permit” means a permit required by Cowlitz County for the placement of a manufactured home in the unincorporated area of the county.

“Mobile home” means a factory-built dwelling built prior to June 15, 1976, to standards other than the HUD Code, and acceptable under applicable state codes in effect at the time of construction or introduction of the home into the state.

“Open space” means that portion of a manufactured home park reserved for the common use of residents of the park and is easily accessible to all residents.

“Park trailer” may be permitted for placement as outlined in Chapter 16.08 CCC if certified as compliant with ANSI A119.5 and approved by L&I, and meets the definition of a dwelling unit in the International Residential Code as amended by the state of Washington.

“Person” includes any individual, firm, partnership, association or corporation, but does not include any officer, agent or employee of a political subdivision of the state when acting in an official capacity.

“Recreational vehicle” means a travel trailer, motor home, truck camper, or camping trailer that is primarily designed and used as temporary living quarters, is either self-propelled or mounted on or drawn by another vehicle and is transient. A recreational vehicle is not intended for occupancy as a primary or temporary residence, and may not be immobilized or permanently affixed to a manufactured home lot. This does not include park trailers as defined in this chapter.

“Zoning Code” means Chapter 18.10 CCC, which includes text and detailed maps designating specific official controls for the administration and enforcement of the use, density, and location of classified land use districts. For purposes of this chapter, the Zoning Code shall be that document and maps as adopted by the Board, and thereafter amended. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.040 Approval required – Manufactured home placement permit required.

No person shall develop, establish, redevelop or expand (including additional lots, etc.) a manufactured home park within the unincorporated area of Cowlitz County without first obtaining approval pursuant to this chapter. Conformance with this regulation does not relieve the developer of the responsibility of complying with all other applicable local and state regulations. No manufactured home may be placed in a manufactured home park without first obtaining a manufactured home placement permit. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.050 Commencement of development.

Development of a manufactured home park may begin immediately following preliminary site plan approval by the Director pursuant to the conditions of approval established therein. The Department shall be responsible for the inspection of the site, in order to assure that said development is consistent with the approved site plan. No placement permits for dwellings within the park may be issued until final approval. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.060 Preliminary application – Procedure.

A. A person desiring to develop a manufactured home park shall make preliminary application in the Department, on such forms as are made available by the Department.

B. The following information shall be shown on a site plan map drawn to scale of not less than one inch equals 100 feet:

1. The name, address, telephone number and email address of the applicant(s) (and the owner(s), if different from the applicant);

2. The name and location of the proposed manufactured home park;

3. The area, dimensions and general legal description (quarter section, section, township, range) of the tract(s) of land;

4. The true north direction arrow, scale at which the plan is prepared, and date;

5. Project phasing, if proposed;

6. The number, area and dimensions, and location of all manufactured home lots. Lots shall be numbered in an orderly sequence;

7. Anticipated location of all manufactured homes and accessory structures within the manufactured home lots, sufficient to demonstrate setback requirements can be met;

8. A vicinity map drawn to scale showing the relationship of the proposed site plan to existing streets, natural features and landmarks in the general area;

9. The number and location of all off-street parking spaces;

10. The location and width of streets and walkways on and abutting the site;

11. Location, dimension, setbacks and use of all structures to be constructed or altered within the park;

12. The area dimensions and location of any recreation or open space, if provided;

13. The density calculation of the park;

14. The location and type of park perimeter screening;

15. The location of existing vegetation to be preserved and proposed on-site landscaping;

16. Critical areas located on or within 200 feet of the subject property;

17. Existing and proposed topography at two-foot contour intervals;

18. Proposed improvements necessary for compliance with Chapter 16.20 CCC, Stormwater Management in Rural Areas, or Chapter 16.22 CCC, Stormwater Management in the Unincorporated Urbanized Area, as applicable;

19. The method and plan of water supply, sewage disposal, garbage disposal, and electrical service, including outside lighting;

20. The method of water supply, and all existing and proposed wells, source protection areas, water mains, valves and fire hydrants;

21. The method of sewage disposal, including all existing and proposed septic tank(s), drainfield(s) and reserve area(s), sewer mains, manholes, and other improvements;

22. The method of garbage disposal and location of solid waste collection areas, if proposed;

23. Location of all existing and proposed easements pertaining to property;

24. Location, size and type of proposed signs;

25. Location, type and wattage of outdoor lighting, with typical standards illustrated.

C. The Director may require, and/or the applicant may provide, such other information as deemed important in the evaluation of the proposed park plan. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.070 Application – Review by Director.

Upon determination that the application is complete, the Director shall review the application for consistency with the County Zoning Code, this regulation and the stated policies and goals of the County Comprehensive Plan, and shall develop a report of findings and conditions of preliminary approval. In reviewing a manufactured home park site plan application, the Director shall coordinate with all agencies of jurisdiction. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.075 Development standards.

Manufactured home parks approved pursuant to this chapter shall comply with the following development standards:

A. Location. Manufactured home parks may be authorized in areas classified as urban, suburban and rural in the Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan.

B. Lot Coverage. All proposed improvements shall not exceed the lot coverage standards for the overall manufactured home park parcel(s) as outlined in the Cowlitz County Zoning Code.

C. Density. Density provisions of the Cowlitz County Zoning Code shall not apply. Allowable density shall result from standards provided in this chapter.

D. Sewage Disposal. A method of sewage disposal shall be identified for each proposed manufactured home lot.

1. Public Sewer. A manufactured home park served by a public sewer system shall provide a letter of sewer availability for the proposed number of manufactured home lots prior to preliminary site plan approval. A condition of preliminary site plan approval shall require engineering plans and specifications be approved by the purveyor. All improvements shall be installed and approved by the purveyor prior to final plat approval following construction.

2. On-Site Sewage Disposal. A manufactured home park not served by public sewer shall provide for on-site sewage disposal.

a. On-Site Soil and Septic Evaluations. All evaluations shall be conducted by a wastewater designer or professional engineer licensed in the state of Washington, and meet the requirements of Chapter 246-272A WAC and Chapter 15.42 CCC (or hereafter amended).

b. Soils Test Approval. All soils tests for new and expanding manufactured home parks, including primary and reserve area dedications, shall be submitted to the Cowlitz County Environmental Health Unit for approval prior to preliminary site plan approval.

c. Existing Manufactured Home Parks. If expansion is proposed to an existing manufactured home park, prior to preliminary site plan approval the septic system(s) shall be professionally evaluated by a licensed on-site wastewater designer or professional. Dedications of reserve areas, if required, shall include a site/soils evaluation, and meet the requirements of Chapter 246-272A WAC and Chapter 15.42 CCC (or hereafter amended).

i. The evaluation of existing septic systems less than two years old shall at minimum include observation/inspection of drain line laterals and septic tank.

ii. The evaluation of existing septic systems older than two years shall utilize one of the following methods:

(A) Evaluation of the septic system, including, at a minimum, observation/inspection of the drain line laterals, septic tank inspection, septic tank pumping, and identification of a reserve area, including the size and the potential system type.

(B) An operations and maintenance inspection meeting the standards of CCC 15.42.160, including identification of two reserve areas.

d. Septic Failures. If an existing system is found to be in a state of failure, then it shall be replaced and/or repaired in accordance with Chapters 15.42 CCC and Chapter 246-272A WAC (or hereafter amended).

e. Prior to final site plan approval, all improvements necessary to provide on-site sewage disposal shall be installed and receive approval from the Environmental Health Unit.

E. Water Supply. Water supply shall be provided pursuant to Chapters 246-290 and 246-291 WAC. Prior to final site plan approval, the water systems engineering plans and specifications as approved by the jurisdictional health department or public water purveyor shall be submitted to the Department. The water supply system shall be maintained and operated in accordance with Chapters 246-290 and 246-291 WAC.

F. Fire Protection. The County Fire Marshal shall review the park’s water system specifications, to assure that the system is designated for adequate water pressure to provide fire flow in conformance with the Fire Code. The Fire Marshal may require the applicant to submit engineering specifications to determine fire flow needs. All structures constructed or placed in the park shall comply with the Fire Code.

G. Stick-Built Homes. Construction or placement of stick-built homes shall not be permitted to a manufactured home park. However, this requirement shall not prohibit the construction, enlargement, or alteration of one stick-built single-family dwelling structure within the manufactured home park for the exclusive use of the park owner or his agent.

H. Placement on Lots. No more than one manufactured home shall be placed on any lot within a manufactured home park. All manufactured homes placed within the manufactured home park require an individual placement permit from the Department.

I. Off-Street Parking. There shall be provided, for the exclusive use of the occupants of each manufactured home, two off-street parking spaces on each manufactured home lot. Guest parking areas shall be provided at a ratio of one parking space for each four manufactured home lots. This requirement is waived if the owner provides three off-street parking spaces per lot, or if the street width is sufficient to allow on-street parking on both sides. All off-street parking spaces shall meet the general provisions found in CCC 18.10.561.

J. Park Streets. Manufactured home park streets shall be paved and constructed in accordance with Fire Code requirements.

1. Unless otherwise required to meet Fire Code requirements, street surface width minimums shall be as follows:

a. Thirty-six feet for two-way streets with parking on both sides of the street;

b. Twenty-eight feet for two-way streets with parking on one side of the street;

c. Twenty feet for two-way streets prohibiting on-street parking.

2. A public road or private roadway meeting the standards of Chapter 11.36 CCC shall be the primary means of access to the manufactured home park site.

3. Park entrances shall be located not less than 250 feet from intersections, as measured from the centerline of the street to the center line of the park entrance street, unless otherwise approved by the County Engineer. Park entrance locations shall meet AASHTO guidelines and be approved by the County Engineer.

4. A transportation impact analysis shall be submitted for any manufactured home park proposing more than 10 manufactured home lots.

K. Nonresidential Uses Prohibited. Nonresidential uses are prohibited in a manufactured home park, except the following:

1. Common recreation areas and facilities;

2. Community services serving only the occupants of the park;

3. Home occupations pursuant to Chapter 18.10 CCC.

L. Maintenance. The park owner shall be responsible for maintenance of all common facilities and grounds such as, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, perimeter screening, common buildings and private utilities (including infrastructure, appurtenances, fixtures and receptacles). Where on-site sewage systems are utilized, owners shall comply with operations and maintenance requirements of Chapter 246-272A WAC and CCC 15.42.170 (or hereafter amended).

M. Solid Waste. A plan shall be provided for removal of solid waste adequate to prevent accumulation within the manufactured home park. The plan shall be submitted to the Cowlitz County Environmental Health Unit for approval prior to final site plan approval and include the location of all receptacles, volumetric size of each receptacle, provisions for covered receptacles; where animals are of concern, shall preclude their ability to rummage; and indicate the solid waste utility purveyor (if contracted). Signage shall be posted at the location of all community receptacles that include a prohibition on scavenging.

N. Setbacks. All structures within the manufactured home park shall not be required to comply with the Cowlitz County Zoning Code; rather they must comply with the following minimum setback requirements. These setbacks may be superseded by building or fire code requirements where applicable:

1. Exterior park boundaries: If a lot is common with an exterior park boundary, the minimum setback shall be 15 feet; however, if the exterior park boundary is the right-of-way of a public road, the minimum setback shall be 20 feet from the property line or 50 feet from the centerline of the roadway, whichever is greater;

2. Interior park streets: 10 feet from the limits of street and/or easement (whichever is greater) for any structure;

3. Side and rear yards: Five feet from side and rear lot lines for manufactured homes; three feet for detached accessory structures on the same lot;

4. Between manufactured homes: 10 feet.

O. Screening and Landscaping. Screening and landscaping shall be required to make the manufactured home park compatible with adjacent land uses. Landscaping plan shall show the following:

1. A five-foot minimum height screen consisting of evergreen trees and/or shrubs, site-obscuring fence, and/or wall along the perimeter of the park;

2. Fifteen percent minimum site area planted with trees and shrubs within the park;

3. All required planting shall be maintained in a healthy condition;

4. All required screening shall accommodate vision clearance and sight distance at street and driveway intersections.

P. Walkways. Adequate walkways meeting accessibility standards shall be provided to and from all manufactured home lots, all community service and recreational facilities and the site entrance(s).

Q. Lighting. Park entrances, streets, walkways, community service buildings and common parking areas shall be lit to at least one lumen. Lighting shall be directed to ensure no trespass onto adjacent properties.

R. Signs. Sign standards shall be as follows:

1. Two signs not exceeding an aggregate area of 16 square feet will be allowed in the manufactured home park to designate the name of the manufactured home park. The sign shall be a nonflashing, stationary type.

2. Advertising signs shall not be permitted except a temporary sale or lease sign, on behalf of tenants or on behalf of a park owner, making incidental sales or leases.

3. Incidental signs within the manufactured home park are permitted for the information and convenience of tenants and the public pertaining to vehicular and pedestrian rules of conduct.

S. Open Space. Areas designated as open space shall be developed and maintained as prescribed by the county when the manufactured home park site plan is approved.

T. Recreational Vehicle. A plan for the placement and use of recreational vehicles intended for storage within a manufactured home park shall be included in the preliminary site plan. Common areas for the storage of recreation vehicles shall be allowed within the manufactured home park; however, the occupation of any recreational vehicles stored in the common area shall not be allowed. The county may alter the recreational vehicle plan in order to assure that the health, safety and welfare of the occupants of the park are maintained. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.100 Effectiveness of preliminary site plan approval.

Preliminary site plan approval shall not exceed two years from date of preliminary site plan approval. The Director may grant a one-year extension if it is found that the applicant is making reasonable progress towards conformance with the requirements of this chapter and conditions of preliminary site plan approval. The Director’s findings shall be made in writing and the Director’s decision may be appealed to the Hearing Examiner, appointed pursuant to Chapter 2.05 CCC, as amended. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.110 Final site plan approval.

A. The Director shall grant final site plan approval if they find that the proposed park satisfies the following:

1. The requirements of this chapter relating to final site plans;

2. The approved preliminary site plan;

3. Conditions of preliminary site plan approval.

B. The Director shall make available to the applicant and to the public its decision and findings of fact upon which its decision is based. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.115 Final site plan approval – Certification and recording.

A. Final Site Plan. The final site plan shall be in black ink on a sheet of Mylar or paper having dimensions of 18 inches by 24 inches. The final site plan shall contain, but not be limited to, all information necessary to demonstrate conformance with the preliminary site plan approval.

B. Easements. The Auditor file numbers for all easements within or outside the boundaries of the manufactured home park impacting use of the park.

C. Identification of critical areas impacting the property, and necessary critical area buffer(s). Appropriate buffer restriction language may be included on the site plan.

D. Signature. The final site plan shall contain a signature block for the Director, as well as signatures, certified by a notary public, of all individuals having interest in the property.

E. Recording. The original shall be recorded in the County Auditor’s office and a copy shall be retained in the Department. The applicant shall pay the recording fee. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.120 Final site plan approval – Rescission.

The Director shall rescind final site plan approval, in writing, if they find at any time that the manufactured home park is not in compliance with the conditions of preliminary site plan approval. The Director’s decision may be appealed to the Hearing Examiner, appointed pursuant to Chapter 2.05 CCC. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.150 Manufactured home placement permit.

A manufactured home placement permit may be issued for a park lot if the Director finds as follows:

A. The manufactured home park final site plan has been approved;

B. The lot and park improvements are consistent with the approved manufactured home park site plans, and conditions attached thereto;

C. All required utilities and road access are available to the lot;

D. The manufactured home placement permit fee as required by Cowlitz County has been paid. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.160 Applications and fees.

A. Fees and charges for processing preliminary and final manufactured home park site plans, checking and approving plans and specifications, performing inspections, recording final site plans, holding hearings, and other administrative actions under this chapter, shall be as from time to time established by resolution of the Board.

B. The approval shall be transferable from one person to another person at the same location. Notice shall be provided to the Building and Planning Department upon change of ownership. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.170 Variances.

A variance from the standards in this chapter, except lot coverage standards, may be granted pursuant to CCC 18.10.340 through 18.10.355. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.180 Enforcement.

A. The Director shall issue no permits for the construction, alteration, repair, placement of any manufactured home or other structure, or part thereof, unless a final site plan has been filed, and until such plans as are required under this chapter have been approved.

B. The Director, or their designee, shall make periodic inspections of the park to ensure that the park is in conformance with this chapter and conditions of final site plan approval. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.185 Violations – Penalties.

It is a civil infraction for any person to violate this chapter or assist in the violation of this chapter. Violations are subject to the provisions of Chapter 2.06 CCC. Any violation is a public nuisance. Each day a violation exists is a separate violation. Payment of any penalty imposed for a violation does not relieve a person from the duty to comply with this chapter. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.190 Conflict with other county regulations.

Where other county regulations are in conflict with this chapter, the more restrictive regulation shall apply and such application shall extend to those specific provisions which are more restrictive. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]

18.42.200 Severability.

Should any section, clause or provision of this regulation be declared by the courts to be invalid, the same shall not affect the validity of the regulation as a whole or any part thereof other than the part so declared to be invalid. [Ord. 20-015 § 1, 3-10-20.]