Chapter 2.05


2.05.010    Meeting place.

2.05.020    Meeting times and dates.

2.05.030    Coffee and refreshments.

2.05.040    Compensation.

2.05.050    Pay period.

2.05.060    Insurance benefits.

2.05.070    Medical savings accounts.

2.05.080    Post-separation health care reimbursement plan.

2.05.090    Commissioners handbook.

2.05.010 Meeting place.

Meetings of the board of commissioners shall be held at the offices of Cross Valley Water District located at 8802 180th Street SE, Snohomish, Washington 98296. [Res. 2000-9-2 § 1; Res. 1989-10-3 § 1.]

2.05.020 Meeting times and dates.

Regular open public meetings of the board of commissioners shall be held on the first and third Tuesday of each calendar month, commencing at 2:30 p.m. [Res. 2008-7-3; Res. 2000-9-2 § 2; Res. 1999-2-3; Res. 1989-10-3 § 2.]

2.05.030 Coffee and refreshments.

The district is hereby authorized to serve coffee and refreshments at public meetings and other meetings held at the district’s office. [Res. 2002-10-9.]

2.05.040 Compensation.

The commissioners of the Cross Valley Water District will be compensated at the maximum rate as established by the legislature for each day or portion thereof devoted to the business of the district. [Res. 2018-10-4; Res. 1989-10-7. Formerly 3.05.010.]

2.05.050 Pay period.

The commissioners will be paid each pay period in which there are hours to pay. [Res. 2018-10-4; Res. 2018-6-5. Formerly 3.05.020.]

2.05.060 Insurance benefits.

(1) The commissioners of the district shall be afforded the opportunity to participate in employee insurance benefit plans at such time as the district has 5,000 or more customers.

(2) The commissioners shall be eligible to participate only to the extent and in the manner provided by state law.

(3) The board of commissioners of Cross Valley Water District of Snohomish County, Washington, hereby authorizes the commissioners to purchase the same health, group, or life insurance provided for the employees of the district subject to the limitation set forth in RCW 57.08.100 as follows: “However, the per person amounts for such insurance paid by the district shall not exceed the per person amounts paid by the district for its employees.” [Res. 2018-10-4; Res. 2014-3-10; Res. 1991-5-14. Formerly 3.05.030.]

2.05.070 Medical savings accounts.

The board of commissioners of Cross Valley Water District of Snohomish County, Washington, hereby authorize that the amount the district contributes to the MSA VEBA Plan for a commissioner shall be an amount equal to the current cost to the district for health insurance coverage benefits for a single employee; provided, that in no case shall the district’s contribution to the MSA VEBA Plan exceed that authorized by RCW 57.08.100. [Res. 2019-11-9.]

2.05.080 Post-separation health care reimbursement plan.

The board of commissioners hereby approves participation in the Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association post-separation health care reimbursement plan for public employees, effective for the commissioners in 2014. [Res. 2018-10-4; Res. 2013-8-1. Formerly 3.05.050.]

2.05.090 Commissioners handbook.

The district has adopted a Board of Commissioners Handbook. The handbook is available upon request at the district office. [Res. 2019-7-4.]