Chapter 4.20


4.20.010    Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual.

4.20.020    Small works rosters.

4.20.010 Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual.

The district has adopted a Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual, dated November 2019, which includes but is not limited to procedures for public works, small works roster, limited and consulting and other personal services. A copy of the Purchasing and Contracting Policy Manual is on file at the district’s office and is available upon request. [Res. 2019-11-8 § 5.]

4.20.020 Small works rosters.

The district contracts with Municipal Research Services Center (MRSC) for MRSC to adopt for the district’s use those statewide electronic databases for small works rosters, consulting and other services, and vendor lists developed, prepared and maintained by MRSC. In addition, paper or electronic rosters may be kept on file with the appropriate district departments. [Res. 2019-11-8 § 5.]