Chapter 11.20


11.20.010    Implementation commitments and conditions.

11.20.010 Implementation commitments and conditions.

Cross Valley Water District hereto does agree as follows:

(1) To support the goal of the Snohomish Basin Salmon Recovery Forum to protect, restore, and enhance the productivity of all wild salmon stocks in the Snohomish Basin to a level that will sustain fisheries and nonconsumptive salmon-related cultural values.

(2) To support the long-term vision of the Snohomish Basin Salmon Recovery Plan.

(3) To support the 10-year habitat improvement milestones in the Snohomish Basin Salmon Recovery Plan as a clear path to making significant progress towards salmon recovery.

(4) To work to confirm our commitments to implement the Snohomish Basin Salmon Conservation Plan provided the following conditions are met:

Conditions. Conditions necessary for commitment to plan implementation:

(a) If jurisdictions commit to plan implementation, NOAA and USFWS agree to adopt this plan, as part of the Puget Sound Recovery Plan, as a recovery rule.

(b) If jurisdictions commit to implementing the plan and are making progress, NOAA and USFWS:

(i) Will not take any direct enforcement actions against them; and

(ii) Will endorse plan actions against legal challenges by third parties.

(c) If jurisdictions commit to plan implementation, the federal and state government will reward commitments through:

(i) Direct funding and other monetary incentives to cover the majority of costs of implementation;

(ii) Streamline permitting of projects being implemented solely for the purpose of habitat restoration. [Res. 2005-3-1.]