Title 3


3.04    Public Contract Bidding

3.10    Authority to Invest Funds

3.12    Use of Credit Cards

3.13    Advanced Travel Expense Revolving Fund

3.14    Cumulative Reserve Fund for Streets

3.15    Cumulative Reserve Fund for Airport Improvements

3.16    Sewer Fund

3.17    Water Fund, Garbage Fund and Sewer Fund

3.19    Water Capital Improvement Reserve Fund

3.23    Excise Tax on Real Estate Sales

3.24    Sales or Use Tax

3.25    Additional Sales or Use Tax

3.26    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.27    Tax on the Furnishing of Lodging

3.28    Payrolls Fund

3.32    Claims Fund

3.44    Police Car Reserve Fund

3.48    Sewer Loan Reserve Fund

3.52    Fire Equipment Reserve Fund

3.56    Sewer Construction Fund

3.60    Municipal Swimming Pool Reserve Fund

3.64    Park Reserve Fund

3.68    Cemetery Reserve Fund

3.72    Criminal Justice Fund

3.92    Vandalism Reward Fund

3.100    Sewer Equipment Reserve Fund