Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Adopted.

1.12.020    Plan of government retained.

1.12.030    Powers of the city.

1.12.010 Adopted.

There is adopted for the city the classification of nonchartered code city, governed by the provisions of chapters 35A.02 and 35A.13 RCW. [Ord. 385 § 1, 1976.]

1.12.020 Plan of government retained.

The plan of government under which the city is presently operating, the council-manager form of government, as authorized for nonchartered code cities under the provisions of chapter 35A.13 RCW, is retained for the city. [Ord. 385 § 2, 1976.]

1.12.030 Powers of the city.

From and after March 19, 1976, the city shall have all the powers of a nonchartered code city under the council-manager plan of government and shall in all applicable respects be governed by the provisions of Title 35A RCW. [Ord. 385 § 3, 1976.]