Chapter 14.10


14.10.010    Title.

14.10.020    Application – Authority.

14.10.030    Purpose.

14.10.040    Amendments adopted.

14.10.050    Automated alarm system.

14.10.060    Sprinkler installation.

14.10.010 Title.

This chapter shall be entitled “Fire Code, Additional Requirements and Amendments.” [Ord. 1581 § 43, 2013.]

14.10.020 Application – Authority.

See DMMC 14.01.020 and 14.01.040. [Ord. 1581 § 44, 2013.]

14.10.030 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to set forth those provisions that are supplemental to or that amend the International Fire Code (hereinafter “IFC”) as adopted by DMMC 14.01.050. [Ord. 1581 § 45, 2013.]

14.10.040 Amendments adopted.

The amendments, additions and exceptions to the IFC, as adopted by DMMC 14.01.050 and this chapter, are adopted and shall be applicable within the City.

2015 IFC Section 503, Fire Apparatus Access Roads, is adopted by reference. [Ord. 1662 § 2, 2016: Ord. 1581 § 46, 2013.]

14.10.050 Automated alarm system.

In addition to the fire alarm and detection system requirements specified in the IFC, all new buildings and structures exceeding 3,000 square feet gross floor area shall be required to provide an approved automatic fire alarm system. Building additions which increase the gross square footage of the building by more than 3,000 gross square feet shall be required to provide an approved automatic fire alarm system serving the addition. Fire walls as noted in the IBC shall not be considered to provide a separate building under this section or to enable deletion of the required fire alarm system.

Exceptions: Group U or R and Division 3 occupancies. [Ord. 1581 § 47, 2013.]

14.10.060 Sprinkler installation.

Fire sprinkler systems shall be installed:

In addition to the automatic sprinkler system requirements specified in the IBC and the IFC, the following new buildings and structures, and existing buildings with new additional square footage, are required to be protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system:

(1) All occupancies without the basic fire flow requirements of the IFC and appendix.

Exception: Group U occupancies.

(2) All occupancies without approved Fire Department access as defined in the IFC. Exception: Group U occupancies, and additions to single unit R3 structures, are not required to be sprinklered, provided the new fire flow meets the requirements of the IFC and Appendix B, and the access is not unduly compromised, as approved by the Fire Code Official.

(3) In all occupancies, other than Groups R3 and U, where the total floor area included within the surrounding exterior walls on all floor levels, including basements, exceeds 5,000 square feet. Fire walls, as noted in the IBC, shall not be considered to be a separate building to enable deletion of the required fire sprinkler system.

Exception: Additions to existing buildings, that through alternate materials or methods do not increase the hazards of the building, as agreed and approved by the Building Official and the Fire Code Official. [Ord. 1662 § 3, 2016: Ord. 1581 § 48, 2013.]