Chapter 14.25


14.25.010    Title.

14.25.020    Application.

14.25.030    Purpose.

14.25.040    Authority.

14.25.050    County Sewage Code adopted.

14.25.060    Amendment adoption.

14.25.070    Disposal systems maintenance.

14.25.080    Administration and enforcement.

14.25.010 Title.

This chapter shall be entitled “Sewage Disposal Systems Code.” [Ord. 1581 § 72, 2013.]

14.25.020 Application.

This chapter shall apply to the sewage system in the City. [Ord. 1581 § 73, 2013.]

14.25.030 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to allow for the King County Board of Health to promulgate standards, rules, and regulations to be administered by the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health in matters relating to the sewage disposal system. [Ord. 1581 § 74, 2013.]

14.25.040 Authority.

This chapter relies on the authority granted to the King County Board of Health and chapter 70.05 RCW. [Ord. 1581 § 75, 2013.]

14.25.050 County Sewage Code adopted.

Title 13 (Board of Health Sewage Regulations) of the Code of the King County Board of Health, as presently constituted or as may be subsequently amended, is adopted and shall be applicable within the City, as amended, added to, and excepted in this chapter. [Ord. 1581 § 76, 2013.]

14.25.060 Amendment adoption.

The following amendments, additions, and exceptions to the Board of Health sewage regulations, as adopted by this chapter, are amended, added to, or excepted as adopted and shall be applicable within the City. [Ord. 1581 § 77, 2013.]

14.25.070 Disposal systems maintenance.

Sewage disposal systems shall be maintained in accordance with this chapter and no sewage disposal system shall be used which directly or indirectly discharges upon the surface of the ground or into any waters within the City unless the contents of such system have been subjected to approved purification and bactericidal treatment. [Ord. 1581 § 78, 2013.]

14.25.080 Administration and enforcement.

The codes, standards, rules, and regulations adopted by this chapter shall be administered by the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health. [Ord. 1581 § 79, 2013.]