Chapter 18.125


18.125.010    Title.

18.125.020    Application.

18.125.030    Purpose.

18.125.040    Authority.

18.125.050    Limitations on uses.

18.125.060    Permissible floor area.

18.125.070    Height.

18.125.080    Placement of buildings and structures.

18.125.090    Landscaping requirements.

18.125.100    Parking and loading requirements.

18.125.110    Required right-of-way improvements.

18.125.010 Title.

This chapter shall be entitled “H-C Highway Commercial Zone.” [Ord. 1591 § 289, 2014.]

18.125.020 Application.

This chapter shall apply to all areas zoned H-C Highway Commercial. [Ord. 1591 § 290, 2014.]

18.125.030 Purpose.

The intent of this zone is to provide for the location and grouping of diversified commercial/retail activities which serve a broader, regional clientele, involving some on-premises retail service but requiring more convenience for vehicular circulation. These uses depend on proximity to major highways or arterials for trade or transportation, are characterized by less dependence on individual and personal patron contact than uses in retail zones, and involve outside activities and display or fabrication, assembling, and service features. Uses enumerated in this zone have common or similar performance standards in that they are heavier in type than those uses permitted in the more restrictive Commercial Zones and often are not compatible with uses permitted in other Commercial Zones because of the type of commodities and goods handled, greater handling of materials and commodities, increased trucking activity, need for larger sites, and noise, traffic, or other impacts generated. Uses are measurably lighter uses than typical of Business Park Zones; however, they do not normally involve as intensive use of land as those comprising the retail shopping area. [Ord. 1591 § 291, 2014.]

18.125.040 Authority.

This chapter is adopted pursuant to the provisions of chapters 35.63, 35A.63 and 36.70A RCW and other applicable laws. [Ord. 1591 § 292, 2014.]

18.125.050 Limitations on uses.

Every use locating in the H-C Highway Commercial Zone shall be subject to the following conditions and limitations:

(1) Automobile Service Stations. Buildings, structures, and the leading edge of pump islands shall not be closer than 20 feet to any street property line, except that service station canopies and marquees may project 10 feet into the required setback.

(2) If a building site has a boundary line which is a common property line with residential property, then on such common line a wall or view-obscuring fence or hedge not less than five feet in height shall be installed and maintained for screening purposes and controlling access. [Ord. 1591 § 293, 2014.]

18.125.060 Permissible floor area.

The maximum permitted floor area to be contained in all buildings on a lot in an H-C Highway Commercial Zone shall not exceed three and one-half times the square foot area of the lot. [Ord. 1591 § 294, 2014.]

18.125.070 Height.

In an H-C Highway Commercial Zone no building or structure shall exceed a height of 35 feet. [Ord. 1591 § 295, 2014.]

18.125.080 Placement of buildings and structures.

Placement of buildings and structures on any lot in the H-C Highway Commercial Zone shall conform to the following:

(1) Front Setback. Any building or structure, except signs or service station canopies or marquees, shall maintain a 60-foot minimum setback.

(2) Rear Setback. A minimum 10-foot rear setback shall be maintained from any residential property.

(3) Side Setback. A minimum 10-foot side setback shall be maintained from any residential property. [Ord. 1591 § 296, 2014.]

18.125.090 Landscaping requirements.

Landscaping in the H-C Highway Commercial Zone shall be required as set forth in chapter 18.195 DMMC. [Ord. 1591 § 297, 2014.]

18.125.100 Parking and loading requirements.

In H-C Highway Commercial Zone, off-street parking and loading areas shall be provided as set forth in chapter 18.210 DMMC. [Ord. 1591 § 298, 2014.]

18.125.110 Required right-of-way improvements.

In the H-C Highway Commercial Zone, all new construction, additions, or alterations which exceed 50 percent of the value of the existing structure or, in the case of a series of addition or alteration projects, when in a five-year period the cumulative value of additions or alterations exceeds 50 percent of the value of the structure at the time such additions or alterations are commenced, shall include construction of curb, gutters, and sidewalks in accordance with Washington State Department of Transportation standards. [Ord. 1591 § 299, 2014.]