Chapter 18.230


18.230.010    Title.

18.230.020    Application.

18.230.030    Purpose.

18.230.040    Authority.

18.230.050    Initiation of planned unit development projects.

18.230.060    Procedure for approval of planned unit development projects.

18.230.070    Expiration.

18.230.080    Form of and contents of applications and types of information required.

18.230.090    Permitted location of planned unit development projects.

18.230.100    Required minimum site area.

18.230.110    Uses permitted.

18.230.120    Permissive variations in requirements.

18.230.130    Recreation area required.

18.230.140    Minor adjustments in planned unit development.

18.230.010 Title.

This chapter shall be entitled “Planned Unit Developments.” [Ord. 1591 § 554, 2014.]

18.230.020 Application.

This chapter shall be applicable to all zones as set forth herein. [Ord. 1591 § 555, 2014.]

18.230.030 Purpose.

Wherein the zoning map establishes only zone boundaries and the text of this Title establishes the permitted use of land in the various zones and the conditions applicable to such use, and wherein all of the provisions, conditions, and requirements set forth in this Title are in general, designed to apply to individual lots and minimum area parcels, a planned unit development, as the term is employed in this Title, has the following purposes:

(1) To produce a development which would be as good or better than that resulting from the traditional lot by lot development, by applying to large areas, whether consisting of consolidated lots or unsubdivided property, the same principles and purposes inherent in the required provisions applying to individual lots or minimum area parcels;

(2) To correlate comprehensively the provisions of this Title and other ordinances and codes of the City, to permit developments which will provide a desirable and stable environment in harmony with that of the surrounding area;

(3) To permit flexibility that will encourage a more creative approach in the development of land, and will result in a more efficient, aesthetic, and desirable use of open area, while at the same time, maintaining substantially the same population density and area coverage permitted in the zone in which the project is located;

(4) To permit flexibility in design, placement of buildings, use of open spaces, circulation facilities, off-street parking areas, and to best utilize the potentials of sites characterized by special features of geography, topography, size, or shape. [Ord. 1591 § 556, 2014.]

18.230.040 Authority.

This chapter is adopted pursuant to the provisions of chapters 35.63, 35A.63 and 36.70A RCW and other applicable laws. [Ord. 1591 § 557, 2014.]

18.230.050 Initiation of planned unit development projects.

Planned unit development projects may be initiated by:

(1) The owner of all the property involved, if under one ownership; or

(2) An application filed jointly by all owners having title to all of the property in the area proposed for the planned development project, if there is more than one owner; or

(3) A governmental agency. [Ord. 1591 § 558, 2014.]

18.230.060 Procedure for approval of planned unit development projects.

(1) Applications for planned unit developments shall be processed in accordance with review procedures for subdivisions as specified in chapter 17.10 DMMC, Subdivisions.

(2) The planned unit development resulting from the application of the provisions of this section shall be made a part of the zoning map, identified thereon by appropriate reference to the detailed planned unit development map and explanatory text (if any) either by number or by symbol and constitute a limitation on the use and design of the site. [Ord. 1591 § 559, 2014.]

18.230.070 Expiration.

Upon the abandonment of a particular project authorized under this chapter or upon the expiration of three years from the final approval of a planned unit development which has not by then been completed (or commenced with an extension of time for completion granted), the authorization shall expire and the land and the structures thereon may be used only for a lawful purpose permissible within the zone in which the planned unit development is located. [Ord. 1591 § 560, 2014.]

18.230.080 Form of and contents of applications and types of information required.

(1) The Planning, Building and Public Works Department shall prescribe the form on which applications are made for planned unit development projects. It may prepare and provide blanks for such purpose and prescribe the type of information to be provided in the application by the applicant.

No application shall be determined to be complete unless it complies with the requirements.

(2) Application for planned unit development approval shall contain the information specified in DMMC 17.40.050, Application materials – Short subdivisions, preliminary subdivisions, binding site plans, plat alterations, and plat vacations, and 17.40.060, Application materials – Public notice.

(3) An accompanying explanatory text shall provide a written statement of the general purposes of the project and an explanation of all features pertaining to uses and other pertinent matters not readily identifiable in map form. The adoption of the text specifying the particular nonresidential uses permitted to locate on the site, if any, shall constitute a limitation to those specific uses. [Ord. 1591 § 561, 2014.]

18.230.090 Permitted location of planned unit development projects.

(1) Residential planned unit development projects may locate only in Single-Family Residential, RA, and Multifamily Residential Zones when processed and authorized as provided in this chapter.

(2) Planned unit developments for other than residential uses may locate only in zones first permitting the heaviest use locating on the premises.

(3) The major internal street serving the planned unit development project in an RA or more intensive zone shall be functionally connected to a local/access street or higher-capacity roadway as defined by the City of Des Moines Comprehensive Plan. [Ord. 1591 § 562, 2014.]

18.230.100 Required minimum site area.

A planned unit development project shall contain an area of not less than five times the minimum lot area per dwelling unit of the underlying zone. [Ord. 1591 § 563, 2014.]

18.230.110 Uses permitted.

In a planned unit development only the following uses are permitted:

(1) In a residential planned unit development:

(a) Residential units, either detached or in multiple dwellings;

(b) Accessory incidental retail and other nonresidential uses may be specifically and selectively authorized as to exact type and size to be integrated into the project by design, accessory retail uses to serve only as a convenience to the inhabitants of the project;

(c) Recreational facilities including but not limited to tennis courts, swimming pools, and playgrounds;

(d) Schools, libraries, and community halls;

(2) In planned unit developments for other than residential uses, uses shall be limited to those permitted by the zone in which the use is located. [Ord. 1591 § 564, 2014.]

18.230.120 Permissive variations in requirements.

In considering a proposed planned unit development project the approval thereof may involve modifications in the regulations, requirements, and standards of the zone in which the project is located so as to appropriately apply such regulations, requirements, and standards to the larger site. In modifying such regulations, requirements, and standards as they may apply to a planned unit development project, the following limitations shall apply:

(1) Placement of Buildings. The required yards, on-site landscaping, and open spaces and the height of the buildings involved shall dictate the location of buildings and structures within the planned unit development;

(2) Yards. Unless alternative yard areas are authorized with approval of a planned unit development, the requirements for front yards for the underlying zone shall apply to all perimeter lines of the site. In no circumstance shall yards as measured from perimeter lot lines of the planned unit development be less than 10 feet from the front and five feet from the side and rear lot lines;

(3) Open Spaces. The distance between buildings containing dwelling units shall be not less than that required for the underlying zone. Any accessory building shall observe a distance from a building containing a dwelling unit as set forth in the underlying zone;

(4) Height of Buildings. In a planned unit development no building or structure shall exceed the height which is allowed by this Title in the underlying zone for the particular type building or structure;

(5) Number of Dwelling Units. The number of dwelling units permitted in any Residential Zone shall be determined by dividing the net development area by the minimum lot area per dwelling unit required by the underlying zone. Net development area shall be determined by subtracting the area set aside for churches, schools, or commercial use from the total development area;

(6) Permitted Site Coverage. The permitted percentage of coverage by buildings and structures for the net development area as determined in subsection (5) of this section shall not exceed the percentage of coverage permitted in the underlying zone;

(7) Permitted Floor Area. The maximum permitted floor area for all buildings shall not exceed the floor area permitted in the zone first permitting the use authorized;

(8) Off-Street Parking. The total required off-street parking facilities shall be not less than the sum of the required parking facilities for the various uses computed separately. All provisions of chapter 18.210 DMMC, Loading Areas and Off-Street Parking, shall be adhered to. [Ord. 1591 § 565, 2014.]

18.230.130 Recreation area required.

(1) Within a planned unit development in a Single-Family Residential or RA Zone, park land shall be provided as specified by DMMC 17.35.180, Parks.

(2) Within a planned unit development in a Multifamily Residential Zone, on-site recreation area shall be provided as specified in chapter 18.155 DMMC, Multifamily Recreation Areas. [Ord. 1591 § 566, 2014.]

18.230.140 Minor adjustments in planned unit development.

In issuing building permits in connection with the construction of a planned unit development, the Planning, Building and Public Works Department may make minor adjustments involving the location or dimensions of buildings; provided, such adjustments shall not increase the total amount of floor space authorized in the planned unit development or the number of dwelling units, nor decrease the amount of parking or loading facilities, nor permit buildings to locate closer to any boundary line, nor change any points of ingress and egress to the site. [Ord. 1591 § 567, 2014.]